Class: Black Spider (Boss)
Locations: Isle of Heroes (must be summoned by Darkblood Paladin)
Items Dropped:


Attack Power: high


Agony is one of the main bosses in Sherwood Dungeon along with Bane. She is part of the Prophecy of Bane quest and is worshipped as a goddess by the Darkblood. She takes on the form of a giant black spider.

Agony is renowned as one of the most difficult mobs to defeat due to her combination of high health and very strong attack power. Contrary to popular belief, Agony's damange output surpasses Bane's and is only slightly less powerful than that of a Unicorn's. Occasionally, Agony's bite may inflict the player with the Stone of Darkness effect.


Agony must be defeated to progress through The Prophecy of Bane questline. The quest to defeat Agony can be retrieved from Sir Garn after completing his first quest, and upon successfully defeating her the player will receive the Dragon Claw Scepter scroll. Agony can be summoned by talking to the Darkblood Paladin located outside to the left of the coliseum.


  • Although Bane is considered the main boss of the game, Agony is statistically harder to defeat.
  • The black pet spider resembles a smaller version of Agony.
Enemies in Sherwood Dungeon
This is a list of all the enemies in Sherwood Dungeon, sorted by location. Blue means they are Darkbloods, purple means they are Shadowfey, black means they are Gods/Bosses.
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Griffin's Landing Darkblood Knightess · Darkblood Rogue · Young Griffin · Griffin

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