Magic Amulets can be found in a lot of Chests and Barrels in The Dungeon, looted from dead enemies, or bought from the Merchants with Gold. They are equipped by dragging their icon from your inventory to the appropriate slot on the equipment window. Amulets are triggered in combat by pressing TAB and recharge automatically after use. The mana bar, under the health bar, shows the energy level of the amulet and must be fully recharged for reuse.

Most amulets, like the Talisman of Fire, provide a magic attack against your enemy in combat. The Enchantment of Speed doubles your attack speed during combat for a limited period of time and begins to discharge after you start your first attack.

Amulets are also referred to as talismans.

Damage AmuletsEdit

The damage amulets are:

  • Talisman of Ice
  • Talisman of Fire
  • Amulet of Poison
  • Stone of Darkness

When cast, they deal damage to your opponent, and they appear to light them on fire.

Speed AmuletsEdit


Unlike the other four talismans, the Enchantment of Speed drastically raises the player's attack and blocking speed when activated. This is especially useful when up against mobs that are incapable of blocking, as they will not accumulate bonus damage from blocking the player's rapid attacks.



The Old Metallic Effect as seen on a Darkblood Raider

The Amulet system was introduced when Sherwood Classic changed its name to Sherwood Dungeon. The Talisman of Fire, Talisman of ice, Amulet of Poison, and Talisman of Darkness were the first four talismans to be introduced. Later the Enchantment of Speed was added and the Talisman of Darkness was changed to the Stone of Darkness. For a while they also had an armor bonus of 4 points per level but this was removed. In 2.1 the color that an amulet released was redesigned, making the color a lot more solid and less shiny. This was also done to the color of all elemental weapons.