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The Bearded Axe is a basic weapon that can be obtained from the Merchants , Chests and Barrels , as well as from monster drops. It is much larger than the hatchet  and is common in its ruby and amethyst forms. It is very uncommon in its ice and poison forms. In the game, the Bearded Axe has a very long wooden handle with a medium sized head at the end of it.

Sightings of the Normal Bearded Axe (Yellow Icon Background)Edit

  • Level 47: Bearded Axe of Dominance
  • Level 47: Bearded Axe of Ascendancy
  • Level 130: Bearded Axe of Fame

Variations of the Bearded Axe
Hover over each enchantment to see alternative names.
Enchantment Sightings
Fire unknown
Frost unknown
Poison unknown
Vorpal unknown
Magic unknown
Shadow Level 7: Dragondoom Bearded Axe; Level 7: Bloodrune Bearded Axe

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