AR (Apocalyptic Riders) was a clan created in 2010 by Founder MADMAX-RoadWarrior, ex Founder of EXE, and Co-Founders L-Lawliet and Schwanz, later reopened after its shutdown in early 2011 by ex Leader Nosferatu- and Co-Leader Colbsii, now known as NtNdsk

The purpose of this clan was to create an international clan, instead of German clan.

AR has always been strong supporters of OH and OH events.

AR lasted through 2010, into early 2011 before being closed from inactive Founders and Co-Founders. Then again in late 2011. The clan is since dead.

Notable allies of AR

GR - Ghost Riders

Notable people of current and past AR who kept it alive and well

MADMAX-RoadWarrior - Founder

L-Lawliet - CoFounder

Schwanz - CoFounder

ReVoLuTioN - Lieutenant General

Nosferatu- - Leader

Colbsii/NtNdsk - Leader

Darius-Dungeon - General of the Army

Dakii - Brigadier General

Anni - Major

Ree - Major

Tisimo - LT

ThunderTiger - General of the Army

Starmaker - Major

Hellsolrac - General

MindFireDude - Major

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