A unique elite fighting group, founded by Reptile in 2008. ArK stands for Absolute Righteous Knights and only ever consisted of 5 members max. To get into ArK you had to beat a current ArK member in a best out of three PVP match. If you beat the current ArK member then you take his "ArK membership" away from him and you gain it. Many people loved the idea of challenging a current ArK member because they were known as the very best fighters around and it made people feel good defeating many of these ego driven individuals and essentially kicking them out of ArK for losing. Others, enjoyed the idea of wearing a title on show to everyone rather than a top fighters list which was usually only seen by a small community of fighters. ArK was actually designed for the purpose of replacing lists with a more effective and auto updating system, which would show people those currently wearing an ArK title were the very best. ArK was very successful, harboring many greats including Psalms, Memphis, Reptile, Roam, Exile, ZineDine, Soulkeepa and a few others who have at some point been the number one fighters of Sherwood (when Sherwood had thousands of active players online 24-7, which meant a lot more being number 1 then than it does these days.) ArK has not had that many members because it was very difficult to defeat those who were considered unbeatable. ArK was mostly supervised by Reptile, although Psalms and Soulkeepa helped supervise at times. ArK was one of Reptile's greatest inventions, as a system like this was never heard of before. Others of its kind started to merge, however mostly failing except one called (-S-) which was very successful after ArK and was founded by Roam aka Blood in 2012.

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