Army of Rebels


Teleport 1 Room 58

History Edit

Army of Rebels was created by Brampy on the 28th of December, 2014.

In February 2015 AOR's members were split in two branches: the Dutch Branche and the English Branche. Both branches have their own leaders, but still both fall under the leadership of the clanleaders.

AOR was remaked on the 5th of april, 2016.

Goals Edit

The goals of AOR are to fight (or rebel) against:

  • Raidscores (They want to restore the clearing-system, the clan that cleares the area wins the raid).
  • The dwindling population of Sherwood Dungeon.
  • The disrespect and incivility on sherwood dungeon.

Information/Clan status Edit

AOR is currently (20th May 2015) a quite active clan, the founder is frequently online and has divided the clan into two branches three months ago: A Dutch Branche and an English Branche.

Both branches are active and have their own leaders, currently the Dutch Branche is lead by JasonBest, an experienced player who has been on Sherwood for about four years. And the English Branche is lead by Gigilany, a player who has been in many clan and has been on SWD for a long time.

Currently AOR has a total of 60 members, of whom are still 30 avtive.

On 26th May, AOR has joined "The Great Imperium", a Horde inspired clan. What The Great Imperium is and which clans have joined it is unknown yet.

After 2 days TGI has failed because the ex-AOR members was become inactif.

But on 5 april 2016 is AOR remaked by Brampy aka -)DarthNox(- (his new account)

Between the vanishing and the remake, swd is deteriorated.

There are'nt not more then 10 clans or anathing over whole the game, and the number of daily actif players is lower then ever.

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