Long ago in a distant land, the Black Warriors (Henceforth BW) came together. Founded by WARRIORCHIEF for the purpose to become the most successful and fearsome clan Sherwood has ever laid eyes upon. The exact date of BW’s foundation is surrounded by much controversy the first post on BW’s first guestbook is from as late as 2006 while many old BW members have claimed that it was founded in 2004.

The early years were a time of glory as BW were a plenty and all feared them in the beginning. But trouble was brewing on the horizon and BW would be thrown into chaos with an uncertain future.

With countless wars with AOD and DH (Dream Haunters), BW started to fall into ruins and members got disgruntled at the leader. In this chaotic period (SGT)JIMMY-BW left BW and created RW (Red Warriors), he also renamed himself to DARK-LORD. After the formation of RW (COP)ANDY-BW came back to Sherwood thinking that BW was dead and founded his own clan called FB (Fallen Blades) which would later be renamed to TK(Templar Knights). What was to follow was going to shape the BW you know today.

With about half of BW joining RW and a few joining TK, BW was in serious problems. Left with only a few loyal members to guide the clan and recruitment restricted to the then single Emerald  server, and RW tarnishing the reputation of BW across Sherwood the ability to build up forces was hard and difficult to do. As time rolled on BW was still stuck in a rut, with low numbers and daily raids from RW, TK and soon enough DH (which had jumped on the “Let’s destroy BW” bandwagon) the future was bleak…Pitch bleak in fact.

In these days when BW was disliked, hated and looked down on by a lot of people, BW became a target to raid for every clan. BW had a few allies, even being some kind of “coalition” though it was very weak.

In time, a couple of new people would join BW and help it regain some ground, such as SEBBER and SAMAEL, to name a couple. At this point, the clan was in a very awkward stage. WARRIORCHIEF came on once in a while to throw out a couple orders and get up to date, while (CPT)RICO-BW (CPT)JESSICA-BW (COP)MEMMNON-BW, (BG)DRAGON-BW and (SGT)ASHLEY-BW were about the only old BW seen regularly. New recruits would stay for a single day and then would never be heard from again. And while BW continued its attempts at recovery DH, TK and RW continued to build up their forces.

About a month later BW was starting to pick up again. Regular faces and new ones appearing everyday. So beings full scale war. BW members feeling confident in their clan once again took on the “might of evil” (DH, RW and TK) in an effort to rise to the top again. With RDS(Royal Dutch Soldiers), TOE and bWo by their side, it was on. Many wars and raids followed. BW would get raided and call for allies. RW would get raided and call for allies. It always ended up with about 6 or 7 clans battling it out in a room of about 40 people(prior to the 25 person room cap). This continued every single day for several weeks, usually resulting in nothing being resolved. 

As time passed, BW was thrown into the dark pit yet again, the only 2 active members being RICO and SAMAEL Refusing to give in, join another clan and  say goodbye to BW, they got to work on recruiting endlessly. As the game had recently divided into two different servers, BW kept their base as 92 Emerald. This meant BW was able to recruit a little easier, since RW and TK had gone to the new Ruby server. For about that month solid, RICO and SAMAEL recruited everyday they were online, in any room that had people. Thanks to them, BW got up to about 15 to 20 regular faces. All of a sudden, the old “loyal” members seemed to start coming back on a regular basis, including the leader who had almost been replaced by RICO at the time.

So for the second time BW managed to pull itself out of the gutter and started on the warpath once again. Reigniting their alliance with RDS, it was time to take the fight to RW and DH once again. Both sides continued to fight for what seemed to be day and night, seven days a week. Winning some and losing some…Regardless, BW were back.

Deciding to take a different approach to the war, BW decided to start spying on DH, as there were already plenty of spies in RW. Being a time when websites were kept secret and used to store clan information (raids, rooms and the like), SAMAEL decided to infiltrate the ranks of DH and earn their trust. After about a week, he (under the name METALLICA) managed to get a lot of information, including their website which was reported to RICO. Knowing what and when DH were going to do gave BW a slight edge when raiding, so obviously the war continued.

After a couple more months, DH went into serious decline. With rumors of HADES (the leader of DH) leaving Sherwood, things were going decent for BW. RW hadn’t attacked in a while and it was fairly peaceful. In comes a recruit in DH named T-DOG. Though DH was indeed dying, one enemy finally laid to rest, T-DOG continued the hatred of BW, bad mouthing everyone and just being loud and irritating. The only natural thing for BW to do was kill him on the site and mock him. Little did BW know that T-DOG would become one of the greatest if not the greatest thorns in their side to date.

Not long after DH’s death, there was a new clan in Sherwood named () (AKA the FAKE NOOB CLAN) Originally the point was to look like a noob, go to room 1, and own people. T-DOG who was using the name “)” and GONZOLO who was using the name “(“ decided that once they had built up  enough forces they would take everyone out (though T-DOG on his website says that he tried to patch things up with BW but that disrespect from WARRIOCHIEF forced him into war). They almost accomplished it, raiding every clan they could think of simultaneously and winning due to their sheer numbers. With BW still being a fair force on Sherwood, they managed to hold () off quite well, but it was by no means perfect. RW began seizing the opportunity to raid BW when () was not around, so BW was in dire straights once again. Fighting off two large clans, it was only a matter of time before BW became only a handful of people again.

BW became allies with The Night Lords. In Exile’s (another one of T-DOG’s names) view, NL was a threat for (). So EXILE had to finish them off. () raided NL a lot... every day, hours long.... huge numbers on both sides, (in the days when there was no room cap) but, after weeks, NL became weaker... EXILE noticed this, but needed one last war to destroy NL. He asked WARRIORCHIEF to help the horde. WARRIORCHIEF said yes, and betrayed NL. BW and () went to room 5 emerald server (NL base) to raid us. It was a huge war. Lots of clans were there, hackers who just made everyone lag out... WOA members, everyone you could imagine. Even a later BW Chief, FUDD. The fighting went on for 11 hours in total.

Being low in numbers, but not near death, BW kept holding people back… Then a new face and a new clan came on the scene in the form of KO (Knights of Old), led by BIGSTEEL, apparently a legend of old Sherwood. Many followed him, but there was a catch to joining him and his clan. You had to defeat him or draw him in combat, or be someone he chose to recruit. This was to be the first elite class of clans that had just hit Sherwood, with a totally new recruitment method. You had to know how to fight to join, and fight well. Naturally not wanting to feel left out, BIGSTEEL decided to hate BW seeing as everyone else did at the same time. () and RW were still attacking us. The 3 clans formed an alliance known at “The Horde”, composed mainly of RW, () and KO, all with good fighters and superior numbers. The heat was on.

BW just biding time and knowing that 3 big egos never agree just laid in wait and held people off. True to form DARKLORD and EXILE came to a clash, revealing EXILE had been both multiclanning and namehiding(he was BIGSTEEL, the leader of KO as well). Due to this revelation, RW stepped out of the Horde and allied BW. Yes you read that correctly. BW’s biggest enemy in its history had allied BW in the heat of the moment and they were 100% anti-Horde. So now there was an even greater war brewing, one that would shape Sherwood forever. 

It all came down to one massive showdown. BW and RW against the mighty KO and (). Probably the longest single battle that Sherwood has ever seen. We’re talking hours of straight up fighting and abuse on each side of the fold. No one side letting up for any moment. One man went down, and he was right back in the fight. BW would bring allies, so the Horde would bring in allies, both sides hitting a brick wall with a wet sponge for the duration of the war. This battle (like it or not, agree or disagree) is what made Sherwood clan warfare what it is today, setting the standards for later wars. Unfortunately, this colossal clash of titans ended in a stalemate with no clear winner, though both sides claimed victory, of course. 

Disaster strikes. Taken by surprise, and caught off guard, BW gets dominated by KO who totally occupied BW’s base of 92 Emerald, forcing BW to retreat to 90 Sapphire. Shortly after this disaster, the inevitable decline of BW once again strikes with vengeance, as some of the loyalist of members disappeared. With so many people leaving and tensions running high, a Chief gone AWOL turned things from bad to worse. BW, in their desperation, took to recruiting anyone and everyone, ending up with some bad eggs in the group, who spread more discord than any enemy could possibly achieve. Also, SAMAEL had enough of BW and decided enough was enough, quitting the clan in a rampage and deleting the website. Left with no communication, BW virtually died off Afterwards. INTEGRITY was stuck with the responsibility of leading the clan in the absence of WARRIORCHIEF.

Here following is a passage from SAMAEL’s original record, before tampered with(Note that SAMAEL’s record doesn’t end until his signature, it even continues to tell the beginning of BW's second generation.): 

“Shortly after everything that followed, the mighty Chief and Founder of BW decided to hang up his war hammers and helmet. The time has come for him to pass on the torch to some young blood. Who? It was decided amongst’ the council and high ranks that the logical choice should be Integrity. He was to become the Chief of the oldest living clan on Sherwood, quite a responsibility. Not a lot happened during this tranquil time to be honest… BW tried allying anyone and everyone, and eventually, Integrity started coming on less and less, which prompted wishes for a new leader, (and) after many disputes and Integrity not wanting to let go of leadership, Laggin took the task in hand.” And then History went blank. This is where I come in, to record the history that continued. Below starts the second record.*

With Laggin as the new Chief, BW’s numbers inflated, and the no-one on the GB could help but crack a smile. Integrity was gone, impeached and disappeared in anger, labeling himself as a martyr. This didn’t just happen quickly, and he was simply impeached. It was five times as worse and long as others give credit too. This is a full statement from Samuel that pretty much sums up what actually happened. 

From what i gather integrity is still really upset about being kicked out as leader. It started when about 70% of BW wanted him to step down from leader back to chancellor because he was good at being a chancellor. But of course things couldn't go that easily withinteg, he demanded from the council a list. Who would replace him and why that person would make a better leader than him. Well I didn't really want to be leader, so I offered me and laggin co lead, joint at the hip as to say. Laggin didn't want it though, so I had to accept the votes on my own.

Well integ demanded from me a reason why I would make a better leader than him, so I listed several reason, such as i would be more active, decide on important issues alot quicker than he did, plus a few other things that i forget now. Then came the stunner, the quiet integrity who was always so used to seeing reason, started to analyse absolutely everything that we said on the council book, and generally being immature about it all. He was offered (-C-) a couple times which he pretty much just ignored the offer and kept on about "I want to make sure that who ever is going to lead MY clan will be capable.) That in itself pissed me off because it isn't his clan, i'm sure you've heard me say this before, BW IS ABOUT ALL THE BW'S, not 1 person, not 1 leader. You can see what happened for yourself on it goes to about page 10. Obviously you can see i have nothing to hide at all by showing you this, and i know integrity will probably send you an email too, i doubt you would be asking for only my opinion. After about a week or so of this circus i decided, fine i will step down and step out (wasn'tto keen on rejoining BW in the first place with integ leading), and that was that for me. Naturally integ got forced out and didn't have a leg to stand on, and also burnt down any bridges of ever being apart of bw again by being a true as*hole about the whole ordeal. Laggin took over as leader, and offered me to take back the chancellor rank. Seeing as I said I was out because of integ being leader, it seemed fine for me to return.

 After a month or so, integ was still maintaining the old website, and he couldn't keep his nose out of BW affairs posting on the council book and high ranks, and generally trying to shoot down anything we achieved, so it wasn't long before him and laggin came head to head. Which resulted with integ and laggin pretty much going off the reservation, during this time i was planning a new website. When integ was informed that laggin would really no longer need his serves, he closed down everything. Closed the main guestbook and closed the council book, luckily I had just made a new council book, so that was alright, but the fact that BW as a clan had no real way to communicate was a disaster. So I rushed the site to where I had at least a menu and a guestbook set up. Now i am not sure if integ is pissed about being ousted as leader or that he was just no longer needed in anyway shape or form, i am not sure to be honest. But since then he has been exceptionally bitter towards everyone, and he has even let certain people know that he wanted to take back leadership of BW. This is the guy that i recruited, and got his main start in BW because of me. Oh well, sh*t happens on a daily basis, and it is usually alot thicker than something like that. But i promise you one thing; jealousy is playing a paramount part in his effort to do whatever he is doing. I don't know what he thinks he can achieve by insulting my website, even though a trained monkey would point to mine and give it the oo ah ah of approval over his.

 I know he thinks i am the spearhead of his overthrow, but i seriously was not. I simply agreed as most people did that he just wasn't cut out to be a leader, he came on 3 times in a row claiming, "see? i am online alot" then he was gone for another week. I don't like telling you these things for all to read, because i am not about b*tch slapping people in public. In this instance though you are more than welcome to post this on your site, becausei actually think people (who genuinely care) should see what their "friend" or "Little Genius" really is. He is a keniving and calculating little boy who will never be able to cut the BW umbilical chord. He feeds on being talked about like it empowers him in some way or another, well I think i have spoken enough about him on this short essay to last him to puberty, so I think he should accept "defeat" if that's what you want to call it, back his bag of sorrows and remorse and just live his own life, without trying to live it through someone else's.

Not to go on and on, but his opinion about Lloyd are amusing, because he didn't even know anything about it till someone tried to post on his old guestbook... judge for yourself how unfounded his opinions on that subject are by seeing for yourself, and the thing with sub being a hard worker is a joke and some kind of attempt to disagree with everything at every curve, even sub would openly admit that he didn't do alot in BW. Hope this clears things up a bit. Obviously this is from my point of view, and there will be things on both those books that make me look an ass as much as integ, as i said, i have nothing to hide, and couldn't really care less what the majority think about me. This is the truth, AS I SEE IT.


LAGGIN’s reign marked the Second Generation, which brought many interesting twists in Sherwood’s history as a while. Pardon me for getting off subject, but I would like BW to understand the importance of keeping records, a mistake Storm, a later chief made.

In the wake of this new activity KO, the many enemy if BW, began to spiral downward. This actually happened to all clans on all three servers. It was called the “Triangle Depression” by those who can remember it. 

At that point it is true, not much happened and if anything did, I wasn’t there and cannot find resources that would enable me to record it.

We pick up when a slightly newish/oldish (I don’t know for certain, somewhere in between) clan began its slightly memorable war (amongst all the other 20 or so clans) against BW. This was BA (Blue Angels), led by APOLLO. APOLLO and the Blue Angels are counted among the most difficult clans we have fought up to this date.

APOLLO was a bit odd. Kind to friends, quick to argue, lied about his “raids of pwnage” and pissed most of Sherwood off, but in the end was forgiven. APOLLO’s tactic was new, fresh, effective… and unfair. They would come raiding in huge numbers, strike quick and as soon as I looked like things were on their side, he would call off the raid as a victory. This became a common thing.

By this time summer had arrived. This was a time when Sherwood was prosperous and many clans were doing well because of the harp influx of recruits. UA, one of the older clans, finally decided to cut loose their leader CHOKEHOLD. CHOKEHOLD changed his name to PUNISHER and started a new clan called GW (Ghosts of War). This clan would rise to fame fairly quickly and became a dominant force in Sapphire. Soon BW and GW would start a war that would make Sapphire clans take sides.

The war with GW lasted the whole summer. GW winning most of the raids and a lack of high ranks to help LAGGIN put BW in a dire state once again. There were a few middle ranks holding things together. SNAKE, CAESAR, CREED, FLAME and PINK SKULL. They were the glue keeping BW together. These five worked cahoots with LAGGIN and BW would soon be flowing with recruits again. A fact known by many about PUNISHER was that when the summer ended, so did his activity on Sherwood. And because of how PUNISHER had developed his ranking system, when he got inactive, nobody could take charge and lead the clan. As a result GW eventually collapsed. Its famous members joined other clans. This left GW as a footnote in Sherwood history and BW as the clan to beat.

In late summer of 2007, a new clan sought to find a powerful ally to help them gain influence in Sherwood. This was CTK (Chamber of Torture Kings), led by IRON MAIDEN a slightly popular figure on Sherwood. They found BW a perfect host for the new clan.

Like BA, they brought a new tactic to Sherwood. One that had not been used since the “Horde Catastrophe” (BW and RW VS KO and () ). Which was named in  a mocking tone: “Newbie Swarming”.

Into September, Ash, a BW colonel at that point, began updating the famed BW Bugle, the first and best news site BW ever had, which brought a sweep of freshness into BW.

September 2, 2007 and October 11, 2007. The dates in which two little, annoying energetic and immature Privates joined, which were GRIMEY and DOOMSDAY(Now DRDOOMSDAY) in that respective order.

October of that year was also known as the Halloween Capital Massacre because of a war that occurred on Halloween which comprised of Room 1 becoming a playground of war for heavy amounts of clans, literally taking turns raiding. BA became active during this month, and sorted some new website updates. Raiding continued, but also degraded into just an activity. Raiding wasn’t about rivals anymore it had become a fun thing to do. This was the year the Pumpkin Head was introduced. 

October passed into November. Raiding had slowed at this point. But, in all times of quietness there lurks a threat. And that lurking threat was named GOW (Gods of War) founded by RAMBO who was once dubbed a “follower” of FLAME.

At that point, BW used INTEGRITY’s website. However, when INTEGRITY left he locked the website which was a chalk full of history and artifacts about BW. A new website was needed. And so SAMAEL a natural HTML genius whether by council decision or choice created WBLEAMAS (SAMAELBW backwards) the greatest website BW ever had. Sadly WBLEAMAS was closed down in 2014. We do not know if Freewebs closed it or SAMAEL himself. But thankfully MANIAU still has the HTML of the website on his computer thus the information WBLEAMAS stored is not yet lost.

At the 18th of November, BA halted their raiding. CAESAR and APOLLO talked and went to LAGGIN, who was currently under attack, and that combined with the pressure of constant begging, BA and BW allied. Minutes later, CTK attacked BW. This was the first act of treachery from CTK against BW. This was crushed, easily. The next day BW allied SGW. DOW popped in, and SGW proved their worth by helping us out. The twentieth day was the day LLOYD was banished from BW for trying to make a civil war. This was because the council was disgusted by not only his hopes that BW would ally UA but also by his attempts to overthrow the leadership of BW. The council warned anyone whom supported LLOYD that he or she was not a BW, and that they would easily be dealt with.

The last month of the year was the month KOSR made its memorable, final stand against bWo, resulting in a win for KOSR. Because of this their job seemed done. So ended KOSR, leaving BW the oldest living clan on Sherwood.Leaving BW the oldest living clan on Sherwood.

On the very first day of the New Year, BW was breathing a sigh of relief when LLOYD’s rebellion failed, which literally lasted a day, because another betrayal occurred. SUBZERO started his own rebellion called WFH. After being demoted, he quit BW, in an immature fit, wanting revenge. His first move was to rally BW’s enemies against us. This annoyed a lot of other clans, to the point when they all wanted WFH dead. SUBZERO’s plan was simple:

Attack and destroy UA. Attack and destroy GW(This might have been a remake of GW, I am not sure).

Clone GW and attack BW.

This was wishful thinking, although BW doubted it would come close to working. WFH raided, won some, lost most, and dragged its feet in its futile attempts to destroy BW.

LAGGIN at this point had an extraordinary army at his disposal. SAMAEL led the council, which consisted of SNAKE, JENNU, RICO and YOMAMA. Plus LAGGIN’s high ranks were mostly active anyways in 90 Sapphire. LAGGIN had his dream for BW as well though. After a night of talking things over he decided to introduce the rank of “Overseer”. An Overseer would lead a branch of BW in another server and answer to the chief. FLAME by this time a well renowned BW was given the position of RO (Ruby Overseer). While GRIMEY an expert at recruiting who by then had moved up the ranks like wildfire was given the position of EO (Emerald Overseer).

FLAME worked hard to gain a foothold in Ruby. Eventually though, he would establish a loyal set of recruits. MAYA, DEMONDA, KATANA and KILLA became his loyal followers and wars in Ruby were suddenly starting once again. All of a sudden, BW had amassed an army at par with its earlier one. They had become gigantic there were days when Sapphire BW and Ruby BW would come together in the same room, and some BW would be locked out because there were too many BW members.

DRAGON and CREED helped ASH rebuild the Bugle and joined its staff. The Emerald Branch also grew under great leadership.

During the next few months, BW sort of slowed down, and got raided, but it didn’t raid back.

BW at this stage, was instead building up its leadership, stabilizing, etc. A normal day was one when you would come to base talk and to pretty much nothing except recruit.

The next month, MOVER came out with his annual Yearbook, which recorded the happenings of the year past. DRAGON and CREED made a new website the then famed BWSS (Black Warriors Story Site). More sitting occurred after this.

Eventually, BW’s members began to protest against this, and many famous arguments evolved out of it on the GuestBook.

In a rage, BW’s founder, WC (WARRIORCHIEF), jumped on Sherwood and rallied BWs. His heart had only one intention: Taking BW’s old home back. And so BW prepared for the ultimate raid in its history. 

SoT (The clan that at that point controlled Room 92 Emerald) was slaughtered, plain as black and white.

Sherwood as a whole was shocked. Even Sherwood’s biggest news site, the Daily Sherwood was shocked. This raid and takeover was so stunning that even the former BW, Lance couldn’t grasp it at first. Everyone had seen BW as a defensive clan. Nobody expected something this offensive.

The takeover didn’t last long though and Emerald BW was shut down.

The BWSS was doing well. More stories blustered, more authors, more readers. The news sites actually became like reading the news. MOVER and others made videos. BW promoted their clan like none other. LAGGIN smiled, RICO amped his activity, tournaments were held, and the next line of people joined BW, among them were: SNOWMAN, SONNY, BRUTAL, AQUA, ZINC, MADDEN, QUINN and others.

Sherwood hit its high of 1 million users and won the Popvox award. The game that gave birth to BW overflowed with users. BW’s members bonded. The first Colonel Tournament was held and was won by CAESAR. SWEET comes back to Sherwood. BW trainer is installed and founded. ARCTIC, STORM, VALDYR, BOA and others joined.

But this chapter is short, as it was defining in a short manner what had really happened in a long period of time, filled with many memories.

Soon Sapphire members had started to travel to Ruby to be with Ruby members, and suddenly Sapphire was suffering. Then out of the blue, Ruby and Sapphire became at odds. In the heat of the moment, FLAME’s followers left and formed their own clan (RL – Roman Legion). Flame would get a few more recruits in Ruby, but had to get back to Sapphire, where all the sudden, things were lacking. The clan was once again back in chaos.

SAMAEL quit Sherwood, CREED joined the army, DRAGON and ASH quit and eventually many others. Even CAESAR retired. UA increased raiding although they started dying out later. The Daily Sherwood died. LAGGIN started having less and less time for Sherwood, Snake and a few low ranked members were the core of the clan. The rumors of BW’s death spread through Sherwood as usual. SNAKE would work with what he had, and the few young ones he worked with would quickly rise to fame.

SNAKE and a few others (MOVER, RAZER, STORM, EEK, and SNOWMAN) were the few active members left in BW and were the few that were ever seen at all. Room 90 Sapphire become close to a desert. LAGGIN came on maybe once a month, while Snake himself was practically leading the clan. Numbers slowly raised as the few members of BW worked to restore the clan to its former glory.

Since the council was virtually dead, SNAKE began a new council, originally a sort of semi-council to keep order in BW. It consisted of SNAKE, EEK, STORM and SNOWMAN. Soon the semi-council was to replace the non-existent one. With an inactive Chief, one active BRG, and a fading General (SHAMAN), the council needed to act fast. SHAMAN soon left BW with an honorable retirement as BW’s second General. Over time, the council gained some new members, as did BW itself. The council soon decided to congregate on MSN and discuss the future of BW. They talked it over and decided that because of his heroics SNAKE should become the future Chief of BW. The next time that LAGGIN logged on, they spoke with him and he agreed. He left a message on the main guestbook and said goodbye to BW. SNAKE would become Chief, but it would cause problems.

During this high-recruiting era of BW, two things occurred. SNAKE became tired of Sherwood because of everything he had to do to save the clan from destruction and some of these new members started to learn the ropes of being a leader in BW. At the time, BW had young members which consisted of FUDD, ANWYND (Now known as BOA), VALDYR and ARCTIC. They quickly became the core for this new BW. Also FLAME had made a comeback to Sherwood, quickly being vote the new Chancellor of the clan, leading alongside SNAKE.

However, problems started occurring, SNAKE wasn’t seen once on Sherwood since being voted in as Chief. At this point GoW was a rival with BW and wars happened frequently. FLAME and STORM basically being the head of the clan at this point, knew they would eventually have to talk to SNAKE. They put it off, until one evening, FLAME confronted SNAKE. The aftermath of the argument was SNAKE’s leaving.

The new council of BW was the power of the clan. BOA, BLACK SKULL, SPAM, VALDYR, FLAME and STORM quickly voted on a new leader and STORM was chosen.

STORM only had a couple of weeks to figure out his stride in the clan before the next disaster occurred. With a touching message on BW’s guestbook, RICO decided to lay out his Red Short Swords and move on from Sherwood completely. This would be the first time BW was without a General since the rank was given to RICO by WC. The council, deciding now wasn’t the time to be without a General, at least in spirit would hold a vote to defy BW’s old way. 

The lady gargoyle (BOA being the male gargoyle) VALDYR was chosen to be BW’s next General. At first this new age of members was a little rocky but the system would eventually come together. Soon members were flowing in base as were raids, visitors, and all around a good time. Morale was high, members were happy, promotions were being given mostly every day to different people. BW found new glory with a new system, coming up with a way to have a high rank on literally all the time. It was a revelation. BW had returned. BW was finally, in a long time feared as a great power in Sherwood.

BW, during their struggles to get back on top, had been warring with a clan called GoW. Most of the time during raids, DV (Deo Volente, Latin for “God’s Will”) would have to come bail BW our, but now things were different. BW and GoWwere a fairly even match. RAMBO, the head of GoW, was probably just as good as BW’s best fighter. The main difference was that RAMBO used ranks to gain loyalty. He gave out the rank “King” to too many people.

BW’s new leader and General would lead successful attacks and defenses against this clan/ GoW won some raids, however BW knew that with time, GoW would not be able to hold onto its members, and started to play on that advantage. As months went on, Kings started to turn on one another. Because there were so many Kings, nobody was really in charge, thus resulting a power struggle that began to fracture GoW.

RAMBO put down some rules that were unfair, and the Kings protested this. Soon, RAMBO was banning his Kings, so they formed another clan against him (GoWrebells). Though this wouldn’t last long, it was enough. BW attacked and ravaged GoW. What little support was left for the stricken clan got destroyed in the incident. The Kings would rejoin and try to rebuild GoW, but to no avail. RAMBO left Sherwood in the coming months and GoW disappeared, the Kings separating into different clans.

BW’s main adversary had been annihilated.

Some months later, on 1st of March 2009 STORM called a meeting with the council. He announced that he would be leaving Sherwood. A week later he was gone, and a new vote had to take place for Chief. The council would have a meeting in the Arena (Teleport 6, now Teleport 8) room 92. The obvious choices for Chief were old and loyal members, such as FLAME, VALDYR, or BOA. Surprisingly, the outcome of the meeting would leave ARCTIC as Chief, him being in BW for a solid amount of time and also having supported STORM in helping rebuild the clan. He was mature and fit. The vote was unanimous.

On 11th of April 2009, KO after being dead for a long time, attacked BW. A couple of weeks prior, KO had been remade by some old members, and gained new ones. EXILE, now in his incarnation as BIGSTEEL, was brought back V.I.A. MSN with a vengeance.

KO’s sole mission at that point was to take BW’s base, which resulted in a failure. The first attempt was to sit in BW’s base and say it was their own. BW won the standoff. 

BIGSTEEL, on hearing the results, planned and launched a raid on BW’s base, whilst retaining the “Say it’s our base” tactic they raided. With BW clearly outnumbered and unprepared, the first hour was a massacre. STORM and DRDOOMSDAY eventually rallied BW to the bridge, in a line of defense. This caused things to even out. KO was now losing as many or even more than BW. BIGSTEEL did not take this very easily, and launched charges at BW. The first one resulted in their own slaughter. The second was similar, but they had shaken up BW. Two more had to be used to break BW’s defensive line. After 30 minutes, BW was told to sit and not fight which resulted in a hinted win for KO, in terms of raiding. STORM an ex-Chief at that time, had called a standstill for BW, which became apparent why, later KO had obviously been brought on Sherwood at a specific time, and BW out-waited this. 30 minutes after the raid, only 4 KO remained. 

KO, yet again failed. The day after, no attempt was made, other than a few KO sitting in BW’s base, making complete morons of themselves, saying it was their base by rights. However, after about an hour of BW dismissing this, they became quiet, as they found that BW’s minds were not being bent, thanks in part to various members, posting on the GuestBook saying that this was to be expected.

By now, this controversy had caught some attention from more popular players, whom came min and made their “opinions” known. One of which was LED-ZEPPELIN, who said: 

“So…the rumor is true. KO is playing Hobo.”

Another raid took place, (not as difficult as the first) which resulted in a tie. BIGSTEEL now choking on his own drink, sat and thought for a while. Searching back in his past he remembered someone: A hacker by the name of WETBOY. WETBOY was given the job of finding out the password to BW’s site. He found this info from PINK SKULL (AKA YANG). She gave the info for unknown reasons, some speculate that it was for making a point of her distress about BW’s status, others speculated that WETBOY had cybersex with her (this is incorrect though).

Unknown to BW at the time of PINK’s treachery, BW buckled against this blow. When the site was hacked, it actually blew up in BIGSTEEL’s face, in one way or another. A good amount of KO quit their clan because of this dishonorable act. A week later, BW got its site back.

Still treacherous to BW, PINK found the new password and gave it to WETBOY.

ARCTIC, after hitting some financial trouble and a car accident, came on less and less. Arguing with FUDD, he eventually deemed himself not able to retain duty as Chief. Before quitting BW he gave the clan a gift: He promoted every single BW member, this was the first time something like this had happened in BW’s history. ARCTIC took the rank of Colonel and passed to torch of leadership to FLAME.

FLAME’s focus was training, and raiding more often. This gave KO a scare and at one point, KO was completely locked out of the room. BIGSTEEL, not aware of this event, led a treacherous attack on its temporarily ally, GoW. GoW shocked, was left with its mouth hanging out. In revenge, they helped BW attack KO, and placed BW as neutral. They went to BW’s GuestBook to talk about this, and received a harsh lesson learned from the first war. KO betrays and wishes only to conquer Sherwood for itself. When GoW’s spokesman, MOXY, posted about it wanting to destroy KO and help BW do it, because “they make the game less enjoyable for everyone” BW smiled and agreed.

BW cleansed out their base the following Saturday, and KO finally busted. KO made room 84 their new base.

Soon after this, FLAME would get into an argument with DARK WOLF and quit Sherwood without choosing his successor. When DARK WOLF left, NAOMI left, then BISH FISH (well actually, she quit just before) and several others. This chain of reactions threatened to stamp a good portion of loyal members of BW out of existence. One by one, member quit in literally 30 minutes leaving a scared-to-death MARTIN, a nearly broken down ARTA-VUR, and two Privates. One was not seen again. DRDOOMSDAY came into the base, and upon finding it all, tried to calm BW down. ARTA-VUR calmed down, just in time for DAWK WOLF to come back into base. The former master and student argued, with most of BW backing DRDOOMSDAY.

DARK WOLF, after taking massive criticism, opened her eyes, and sort of let her mind fall back into place, and she rejoined BW. The next few days were full of arguments on the BW guestbook with the clan's former Chief LAGGIN criticizing the clan and saying that he hoped it would die it would take him a few months to finally calm down and come back to BW.

On 7th of May 2009 MEMNON had been given the title of Chief by the council. But something even more interesting was going on than a new Chief. There was a rumor going around Sherwood that someone named CRADLE had defeated the best fighters in the game. He had apparently beaten EXILE 7 times back to back and beat ZINEDINE (One of the top 5 fighters in Sherwood at the time) 3-0. It would have been too off, except that he was in BW. A BW had become the best fighter in the game.

Sapphire, at this point, had become deserted except for a few clans, BW being one of them. This was because of MEMNON’s leadership and the amount of recruiting BW was doing at the time. But it was obvious that not even BW could survive in the desert. Thus the council held a vote and decided that on 15th August 2009 BW would go back to room 92 Emerald, this idea came from none other than CRADLE. This sparked a lot of Emerald players’ interests and made BW the “Clan of the Moment”. 

BW, at the beginning became hugely successful in Emerald. Almost a full base all the time, with visitors as well. Usually the visitors would come to fight the great CRADLE. Eventually, all of KO ended up joining BW because of CRADLE. It all seemed too good to be true and that is because it was. Suddenly a rumor spread across Sherwood, CRADLE was actually none other than EXILE.

Soon many BW members (except for CRADLE’s recruits) started verbally attacking the clan’s “golden boy”. Arguments were found everywhere as chaos spread through the clan. It would all end in a flash though, as CRADLE who without a doubt was EXILE would lead a rebellion against BW taking half of the clan with him. His followers would become known as “clanhoppers” quitting and joining clans like crazy, but the clans they joined wouldn’t last long.

The next test in BW’s history would be when MEMNON finally retired.  He would choose FUDD as his successor, an ex-KO that had proven his loyalty to BW when he refused to join KO when it was remade due to his loyalty to BW.

At this point, most of Sherwood had flocked to Emerald to escape the severely crippled Sapphire and Ruby servers. So many clans were now getting a feel of each other (where as before most raids happened in the server, not outside of it). BW had very little experience fighting its new enemies. One of the most notable of BW’s enemies would be PWN (Pure War Nation). PWN was a pretty mediocre clan with decent raiders, but what made them special was the fact that their leader DUCHESS THE ROGUE spoke French. This allowed her to  forge an alliance with the only French clan on the game MWN (Masters of War and Nightmare). MWN and PWN with their huge numbers would cause several headaches to BW in the future.

Raids between BW and MWN would usually turn out in the same way. MWN would raid 4 BW with huge numbers, one of the 4 BW would call IKO (Infamous Knights of Omen) to help out and it would evolve into a stalemate. But these wars were when FUDD showed how important being “elite” really is, by backing up in unpredictable directions despite attacks from massive amounts of Frenchman he would survive and end up haunting the hunters. 

These wars were mainly in late 2009 and early 2010 this is the time when MANIAU and PROVOAK members that would play an important role in BW’s future, joined. At this time the “Idea Factory” was introduced to BW. But what’s important here is that FUDD became inactive and soon enough most of BW followed. To combat this PROVOAK started frequently posting on the Idea Factory suggesting many different ways to improve the clan and proving that PVTs should have a voice in the clan. This would end up with him getting into an argument with FLAME which would set ground for an interesting revelation in the future.

As time passed it seemed that BW’s activity was becoming worse and worse to the point that even with 9 regularly active members, BW failed to reach more than 6 people in base due to time zones. The only active high rank in BW at the time was BLACK DRAGON with BOA being semi-active. This was when a series of interesting events took place. PROVOAK said that he was frustrated with the state BW was in and that he was “going to spend time in Ruby”. Shortly LAGGIN came on Sherwood, going into a base with just MANIAU and BLACK DRAGON. He complained about the state BW was in similarly to how PROVOAK complained. He told BLACK DRAGON that as Colonel his duty was to take charge of the clan in a situation like this and also said “Get that Oak kid back” (Meaning PROVOAK). This raised doubts that PROVOAK had been LAGGIN all along (this information has now been confirmed to be correct).

Shortly SAMAEL would make a comeback to Sherwood and took the title of Chancellor which had been vacant in FLAME’s absence. By this time PROVOAK had come back and SAMAEL assembled a council that consisted of: BLACK DRAGON, PROVOAK, DRDOOMSDAY, DIAZONIUM (The head trainer of BW at the time), VALDYR and of course himself. Though not perfect the new council managed to get the clan through the so called “Vandal invasion” this was when a clan by the name of Vandals which was led KNOCKOUT (An ex-KO member) started taking over random bases. They said that they had “no base” and that they were “nomads”, the first base they took over was BW base – Room 92 Emerald. This caused quite a lot of havoc, but then the Vandals actually moved into Room 1 which caused all of Sherwood to hate them. Fortunately for BW and most of Sherwood, the Vandals died down within 1 month.

But the death of an enemy didn’t help BW much. Members were getting exhausted of the clan’s inactivity and were leaving left and right. At this time STORM came back to Sherwood to help BW get out of the drastic situation it had found itself in. A vote was held to elect the new Chief of BW, STORM’s only adversary was ROCKYSONU, but due to his experience, the vote went in favor of STORM.

The very first day of STORM’s second reign was successful, with lots of old members rejoining, and new recruits coming in like wildfire. But even that day was not perfect as IKO, an ally that had helped BW against MWN countless times betrayed the alliance and attacked BW. This new war would continue to the entirety of STORM’s second reign, with BW winning some if not most of the raids. At this time the boat was introduced to Sherwood and BW and IKO were the first clans to have a “boat raid”. Soon STORM decided that BW could survive without him again and passed the torch down to SYN or as he was known during WARRIORCHIEF’S era DAE.

SYN’s reign as Chief can be called “mediocre”. It wasn’t as bad as FUDD’s or INTEGRITY’s or some other Chiefs that we will find out about soon. But he wasn’t as good as STORM or MEMMNON either. Three important events occurred during SYN’s reign. First: EXILE had actually joined BW under his real name, using the fact that BW was “the last remnant of old Sherwood” as his excuse. Second: This derives from the first, the BW and IKO war became trashy sometimes pictures were posted on BW’s homepage showing IKO leaders dying and they would be followed with “OWNED BITCH”. And the third: BW was rankless for a short amount of time, this was done so that a “reranking” procedure could have been held. Those that were active and recruited during the rankless period would sustain their ranks and maybe get promoted. While does that were inactive and didn’t contribute would be demoted.

SYN’s reign didn’t last long and he soon passed the torch down to SHARA. In the above paragraph I said that SYN’s reign wasn’t as bad as some others’. This is one of those “others”. SHARA as Chief would sometimes go AFK in raids leaving the clan without a proper commander. This ended up with countless arguments about her inability to lead on the GuestBook. It didn’t last long though, STORM came back and took the title of Chief from SHARA making him Chief for a record 3 times. 

But at this point “Chief” had become merely a title. The real power lay within EXILE who without a doubt had been pulling the strings on STORM for quite some time. During his third reign STORM went as far as dismantling the entire council and replacing it with an “advisers” system. This would make his title as “Chief” and EXILE’s power almost untouchable…Almost.

Before long members started complaining how BW was becoming a piece of trash. Most targeted their insults at EXILE, but this was dismissed as “low rank rambling” and many that dared take part in it were banned from the GuestBook. This continued until FLAME came out and called BW out for allowing EXILE in the clan. Due to the fact that FLAME had been an old member and had contributed to BW’s history in the past, EXILE realized that he was in a bad situation. EXILE left BW and took half of the clan with him to his new creation KG (Knights of Genesis). Which was a non-elite version of KO. But the cruel twist attached to all of this was that the leader of KG would be STORM with SYN being second in command. STORM left HOLLYMAI as Chief in BW. HOLLYMAI was a very over-emotional girl and this coupled with the fact that KG was taking over Room 92 like KO years earlier made her quit BW and join KG.

This put BW into complete turmoil, 2 Chiefs had quit the clan in a week. BW hadn’t been in such a terrible position since the RW rebellion. But even then BW didn’t have its old leader as its enemy. FLAME decided that enough was enough and he chose a council of 3 to lead BW out of these dark times. These 3 were: BLACK SKULL, ARTA VUR and himself. BW was led by these 3 for a week or so, but the clan needed a Chief and due to his experience FLAME was chosen.

Very soon BLACK SKULL would go inactive leaving BW without a proper leadership. But of course there were a few BW that stayed true to the clan some of these were: ARCH, MARSHI, SKINHEAD, TURKEY (and of course ARTA-VUR and FLAME). Even though the clan was seriously weak, death was not a serious danger. This is when FLAME managed to recruit the former Co-FDR of SNS – FUSION-CORSAIR who later brought the remaining SNS to BW.

But of course this would not be enough. FUSION was the only former SNS that was active and ARTA-VUR suddenly went inactive. BW was recruiting people that joined BW for one day and joined KG the next. In these dark times old members such as: SNAKE, BOA, ARCTIC and PINK SKULL came back stating that KG would die in time. Even WARRIORCHIEF came back. He gathered a crowd of BW and ex-BW and stated that BW would survive through these rough times.

At this point BW was without a proper leadership. FLAME, FUSION, LISZ, MARSHI, TURKEY and ARCH being the most active BWs. FLAME called in MARSHI and FUSION and made them Council members.

BW stayed at this level for quite some time. A few inactive members such as ROGO and SKINHEAD came back. However FLAME was becoming more and more inactive due to exams and other personal matters. As 92 was crowded with KG. ROGO came up with a plan: Should FLAME neither come on in 2 weeks nor change BW’s base, he would be removed from his position as Chief. Many BW, want to see their clan as a mighty force one again, chose to support ROGO’s ultimatum, including Council members FUSION and under great reluctance, MARSHI. The moment came when, in Teleport 5 Room 92 ROGO and FLAME argued about the well-being of the clan, in an oddly similar way to what FLAME and SNAKE had done a few years prior. In the end, nothing was settled aside from a stern look at ROGO by FLAME due to his purported masterminding of the “conspiracy”. Despite all of this, as a result of a Council vote BW moved its base to then uncharted territories of Room 96 (still Emerald). 

However soon enough BW would be met with a sudden statement from FLAME. He said that he was quitting Sherwood due to real life issues. This would leave MARSHI and FUSION as essential Co-Leaders of BW. Requiring at least 5 for a decent vote, LISZ, TURKEY and MANIAU were added to the Council. TURKEY would be chosen as the next Chief of BW, with FUSION as the Chancellor.

Old members were coming back, as BW kept recruiting new and quite loyal members. Despite attempts by EXILE to stop BW’s recovery from near death (including GuestBook posts, spamming to join KG Room 96 and even an attempt to move in as they did in 92), BW managed to come back at a reasonable size. TURKEY had a strong supporting force behind him in the form of: FUSION, LISZ, MARSHI, MANIAU, ROGO, GOOP and SKINHEAD. New members such as IOAN , CONQUERER, SUPERWIND and CAPTAIN were also sticking with the clan. And even some “oldies” such as: BULLY, HERO (now known as EXOTIC) and SNIPER had returned. Even those who had left BW for KG had come back, including: CORPSE, ZEIN and OREO. SYN left KG (where he was 2nd in command) and deleted the KG website before leaving Sherwood.

As their site was irreparably damaged, KG slowly began to fade. Their real death knell occurred when EXILE finally decided to leave Sherwood (though this was not the last we would see of him). STORM and GAG folded KG due to this situation and kept KO there. No one could deny that BW had finally won the struggle, at least for the time being. 

Soon enough TURKEY would go inactive and MANIAU would leave Sherwood for the summer. He was replaced by COPRSE in the Council. But all of this left FUSION as the de-facto leader. The occasional raid kept things up, but FUSION began to gain support for himself in the power struggle that was occurring. Eventually the Council (in a vote started by DIAZ) replaced TURKEY as Chief with FUSION due to his long period of inactivity. STORM, having said that if FUSION became Chief he would come back, abided by his word and returned to BW. This essentially cracked the clan into 2 factions: Those who welcomed FUSION as Chief, and those who were against him. 

Summer ended and BW’s activity plummeted. MANIAU was back, but the clan was barely alive  with only a few loyal people. In these few weeks KIGO and MANIAU were trying hardest to keep the clan alive, alas it was not enough. BW decided that enough was enough and that the clan’s current state could not be left alive. And thus BW was laid to rest on 22nd September 2011. 

But we all know that a clan like BW does not simply die. It transfers itself into a legacy. The legacy lives on and turns heads when it is mentioned. But sometimes the legacy believes that enough is enough and comes back at full force.

The first attempt at remaking BW would be in March 2012 with FUSION-CORSAIR as Chief once more and RAIDER as Chancellor. The clan slowly started to gain members, but FUSION was obviously too inactive to keep the role of Chief thus on 4th of April there was a huge debate on the topic of BW’s leadership in teleport 5 room 92. MANIAU, HERO (then known as BURNINGSTAR now known as EXOTIC), FUSION, RADIER, LEGLAS (then known as ALORTHOS), SAMBA and DEMON (then known as NOTORIOUS) took part in it. During the debate MANIAU and HERO in particular were trying to allow the Council to lead BW arguing that there was no worthy Chief. The only one handing over his candidature was RAIDER. After the departure of these two (HERO AND MANIAU) he was allowed to take charge by a majority vote of the remaining Council members. 

At this point BW was in a moderate state, the clan was averaging 8 or so members in base with numbers slowly but gradually growing. But on 7th of April 2012 without warning or without consultation with the Council RAIDER changed the clan’s name into “Divine Knights”. This is quite a controversial topic and RAIDER now says that he just did what he believed was best at the time. This was seen as a shock by most BW members. Many thought that BW was dead as a result of this, MANIAU tried convincing the others to ignore RAIDER’s decision on grounds that his decision was not approved by the Council. This attempt partially succeeded, members came back to BW and DK failed to thrive.   

The next thing that happened was that MANIAU was made interim Chief. BW after taking a loss due to the DK situation then continued to recover. The clan was becoming stronger and was starting to raid, but it was all a dream. With an inexperienced Chief and lack of an active and loyal core of members BW would soon fade away once more.

The “trial of recreation” would be in March 2013 when MANIAU coming back from Sherwood met a DV member with the name of BLINK. BLINK told MANIAU that he was CAESAR who was a Colonel during LAGGIN’s reign. These two would begin remaking BW once more and this time it would be far more successful than the last time. From the start several old members rejoined to help rebuild the clan and the future was looking bright, but soon something peculiar happened: FLAME posted on BW’s GuestBook saying that BW shouldn’t be remade, but it was all a lie as this was an imposter of FLAME and the real FLAME was actually BLINK, MANIAU was the first to find about this and it wouldn’t take long for the rest of BW to gain knowledge of it as well, but it didn’t make much of a difference. 

BW was slowly but gradually gaining members and pumping up the activity. But we must note that during this time BW’s biggest enemy in its history gave it a head start, I am of course talking about EXILE. To explain better you must understand the situation when BW was being remade. DV was one of the best clans of Sherwood, but they were also the primary target of the best clan at the time which was: “The Empire”. The Empire (or TE for short) was in reality a remake of The Horde. The Horde consisted of (), RW and KO while TE consisted of a remake of DH, LC (essentially the same as KO) and a Hungarian clan named KH which after its death would be replaced by a Polish clan named FD.

The important thing  here is that EXILE gave BW a break, he made a deal with the clan: BW would not aid DV against TE and TE would let BW grow in peace. This plan went quite smoothly for BW as they were under no threat from any clan, but it had a terrible impact on DV as DV gave up their base (Room 78) to TE (Like BW had given up Room 92 to KO 5 years prior).

Thus BW started to grow, old members such as NOTORIOUS (also known as DEMONFOX) and BULLY began rejoining and the clan was looking quite well. BW even managed to make CARA join the clan who is known for rarely joining clans. The clan chose a council of three: MANIAU, NOTORIOUS and BLINK. These three would lead BW for a few weeks as nobody in BW at the time was considered worthy to be Chief. But it wouldn’t take long for both BLINK and NOTORIOUS to go inactive due to technical problems and MANIAU became the sole person leading the clan. The next time all three Council members met they decided to make MANIAU Chief because (this is a quote from BLINK): “Mani (and maybe Bully) is the person that single handedly brought BW to a relatively good place in Sherwood”. 

At this point BW had a strong mass of members. DARIUS was leading the Honor Guards, SUPREMETEDDYBEAR (he is mentioned here due to his importance in BW history later on) was a new member and already an Honor Guard, SAMAEL had come back to Sherwood and was appointed Chancellor, CARA was made a Council member to replace the inactive ones and the clan was raiding daily and always winning. But it didn’t take long for problems to arise in the clan. SUPREMETEDDYBEAR got into an argument with CARA and ended up namehiding in BW so that he could “start over fresh”, but he was caught quite soon and disappeared from the clan altogether. A member named HEATHER kept annoying other members and in the end got banned for it. LEONARDO had loads of problems with MANIAU’s decisions and soon the clan went into chaos. 

In this state of chaos SAMAEL also went inactive and the horde of clanhoppers that change clans whenever a new one is made also left BW and the clan was in serious danger, but unlike past times it didn’t have a large core of loyal members to bring it back up and soon enough after even MANIAU became inactive, BW died again.

The next trial of recreation would be the most successful one of the three it would begin with a person named CAESAR appearing on Sherwood. As mentioned earlier CAESAR was a Colonel during LAGGIN's reign so he was instantly recognized by old BW members such as DEADLY (AKA PASSENGER), PALADIN (AKA COEUS), BOA, SAMBA and SYN (AKA DAE). As a result of this CAESAR would begin efforts to remake BW once more and it wouldn't take long for MANIAU to hear word of it. Upon coming back and meeting CAESAR he was left with the impression that CAESAR was FLAME namehiding again. This was because upon meeting CAESAR told MANIAU that FLAME had committed suicide which was a myth going around Sherwood at the time. After hearing this MANIAU asked: "Is that your cover story?" and CAESAR said it was. That day was 17th of February 2014, the day BW was remade for the 3rd time.

Of course at the beginning BW had a large influx of members and choosing a Chief seemed like a necessity. It was offered to many people from PALADIN to MANIAU but they all rejected and MANIAU thinking that CAEAR was FLAME forced him into taking Chief. At this point MANIAU was chosen as the Chancellor and SHARA's rank as General was restored and BW's recovery began.

At this time there were 2 large clans in Sherwood: SoF (Spartans of Faith, lead by CRAYVALLEY) and DV. The two were at odds and had a respectable war at the time. BW at the time started growing really quickly and took the #3 spot of Sherwood with it's EU activity and raiding skills. But then MOONSORROW one of the top Sherwood fighters at the time went to MANIAU and CAESAR and explained that DH was being remade yet again. He said that it had secretly gotten over 30 members already and that he had gone to BW about the threat because BW was the clan that would most likely lose the least amount of members as a result of DH's revival. Over the following week BW started training like crazy and before long CRAYVALLEY went to CAESAR and MANIAU as well. He told them that he already knew about the DH threat and that he was assembling an alliance called IL (Immortal Legion) to counter the threat and that he wanted BW to be a part of it. The clan accepted CRAY's offer without too much hassle and preparation to fight DH began. 

After 2 weeks of waiting DH was remade on 7th of March and had a full base on its very first day. But IL knew that it wouldn't last long as DH members were told to come on at a specific time to fill the base and scare the enemy. At this time BW was receiving daily raids from FD (A Polish clan that was aligned with DH), the raids were seriously hindering BW as FD continued the raids for hours on end. But then a scandal occurred, TEXO the Founder of FD gave CAESAR his Skype chat log with CRAYVALLEY. It showed CRAY offering TEXO to kick BW out of IL if FD wanted to join. CAESAR and MANIAU were both furious. CAESAR wanted to quit IL, but MANIAU found a different solution which was very controversial. He and CAESAR talked to CRAY and made him apologize and realize who his real allies were. IL would use this scandal to their advantage, BW would act as if it had quit IL and aligned itself with DH. As a result of this the constant raids from FD would stop allowing BW to develop further and when it came time to strike DH BW would first act as if they were on DH's side, but then switch colors and help SoF instead. This would later be labelled as "OMLS - Operation My Lazy Sundays" (it was labelled so because the attack on DH would be on 16th of March which was a Sunday). 

OMLS was...Anti-climactic to say the least. BW and SoF got ready at the time that they had agreed upon only to find that DH base only had a couple of players in it, one of them being EXILE. BW first entered the room to "protect" it from SoF this is when EXILE jokingly said: "They're probably waiting for the numbers to go down LOL". But when SoF entered BW turned red and EXILE realized that he had been tricked. At first DH was heavily outnumbered and was losing the fight and at that point CRAYVALLEY got overconfident and tried to claim Room 83 (DH base) for IL. This would make OMLS go down in history as a base invasion instead of a large raid. As time passed SoF's and BW's numbers depleted while DH's numbers rose and FD attacked SoF base which split IL numbers in two and as a result OMLS failed.

After the failed plan IL fell apart and the FD raids began again. It looked as if the situation was getting bleak, but that was not the case this time. DH started getting inactive as it didn't have a proper war with SoF and its hype had died down. BW made a deal with FD,  FD would allow BW a week of rest and then BW would attack SoF (this was another plan that BW and SoF had agreed upon), but the very next day CRAYVALLEY appeared on Sherwood and declared SoF dead. The reason was that SoF was only active when he was online. But DH did not profit from SoF's death, instead two new clans were formed: RoV (Reign of Victory) led by MOONSORROW and AB was remade (Antediluvian Blood) led by NOBLE also known as BLACK EAGLE. BW on the other hand did profit from SoF's demise as PALADIN and SAMBA joined BW and were added to the Council (but PALADIN quit soon after). But something more interesting was going on at the time, a person was posting on all guestbooks that CAESAR was actually a fraud and that he was SUPREMETEDDYBEAR the member that had joined BW last year and had problems with CARA. This is when CAESAR came clean to the BW Council and admitted that he really was a fraud and that MANIAU had already figured it out a long time ago. As it turned out TEDDY had an account named CAESAR and after he logged onto it he met many old BW members after which he decided to remake the clan. It was a dire situation, but the Council decided that since CAESAR was doing a good job it would be better to keep this story a secret. MANIAU created false evidence that CAESAR wasn't a fraud and BW started getting stable on the inside, so now it had to deal with matters away from home again. 

During this time an old clan named AOK (Army of Kings) was remade by FALLZ (another top fighter of Sherwood), but with AB, RoV, DH and AOK competing for members it didn't look strong whatsoever until information spread across Sherwood. DH had merged with AOK and formed TK - The Kingdom. According to reports AB and RoV had both joined TK as well. DV and BW were confused as to what they should do. TK was the biggest thing on the game since TE and it didn't look like DV and BW could take it down together. This confusion continued until some news came along: FALLZ had lied, neither RoV or AB had joined TK, it was all a plot to make BW and DV scared. As a result MOONSORROW was angry at TK and began a war against them and before long TK was dead (including DH and AOK). It looked as if things would finally go back to normal in BW...Until PALADIN rejoined the clan.

PALADIN at first had a long talk with both CAESAR and MANIAU, he explained that he was motivated to do good for BW, but in exchange he asked for his old rank Brigadier and a seat in the Council. After much debate CAESAR stubbornly agreed. The problem here was that PALADIN knew that CAESAR was a fraud and he also knew the original CAESAR which would cause arguments between the two everyday. PALADIN was also trying to take the clan the way he wanted, he wanted to end the alliance with DV and attack them and ally RoV instead. MANIAU kept trying to cool the situation when PALADIN did something controversial, but it was useless when MOONSORROW once more gave BW an anonymous tip: PALADIN was planning a coup in BW. To prove it he provided the Skype chat logs between them which showed PALADIN saying that he would overthrow CAESAR in the upcoming weeks. Needless to say this did not end well, as a result PALADIN was banned from BW and he let the information about CAESAR loose. But in the end it made no difference as the clan had the same reaction as the Council did. 

Not long afterwards PHULAN (a Council member at the time) quit BW and formed a French clan with the help of MELINA called RC (Redemption of Chaos). At this time SHARA had officially been declared inactive and SAMBA was the only remaining high rank other than MANIAU and CAESAR. So the decision was made and KIGO was promoted to Brigadier to combat the shortage of high ranks. At this point BW was in a moderate stage. CAESAR would sometimes go inactive and the clan would go inactive as well, but when he came back the clan would became active again. This was the time when BW invented the Tanks and Invaders tactics which it worked weeks on trying to perfect but never managed to do so. These slumps and comebacks continued for a long time until the 12th of May when SOVEREIGN (AKA RAZOR) came to BW offering to merge KoV (Knights of Virtue) with BW. BW accepted SOVEREIGN's offer and it caused huge controversy in BW and in all of Sherwood. KoV moved into room 92, BW put KoV in tags, KoV put BW in tags, SOVEREIGN became one of the "Chiefs" of the merger for which a name was soon decided, it would be BK - Black Knights. For the first time ever BW had voluntarily lost its own name (I say voluntarily as DK was not voluntary), but it would obviously not last long. BK was definitely a powerhouse, but CAESAR and SOVEREIGN soon discovered that they hated each other and it was usually up to MANIAU to try and think of a compromise. It all ended up  in a Council vote which removed both SOVEREIGN and CAESAR from Chief and gave the position to MANIAU. After this BK started to calm down and start growing, but it was still evident that BK wasn't "together" by any means since old KoV members still wore KoV tags alongside BK while old BW members still wore BW tags alongside BK. To try and stop this MANIAU, SHOCK and BOOLDURE started to nicely ask all BK clan members to remove BW and KoV tags. It was starting to work until the clan went to take a bridge picture, the trio thought that this was a perfect opportunity to make it just BK, all BW removed BW from tags and all KoV removed KoV from tags...Except for SOVEREIGN. He was stubbornly refusing because one member had BW in his name. As a result he just went on his KoV account for the picture. It annoyed the trio, but it was acceptable until he ordered KoV to put KoV tags back on. That showed that he had completely failed to understand the situation so the trio met up in Room 53 along with CAESAR. Not long after all BW members were called there and a referendum was held to quit BK or not and obviously the clan wanted to quit. BW came back to 92 with only BW tags, KoV went back to 68, SOVEREIGN was once more Chancellor of KoV, MANIAU was once more Chancellor of BW and CAESAR was once more Chief of BW. 

After the BK controversy BW would undergo a small slump which would soon be followed by BW suddenly reaching peak activity and starting a hate fueled war against KoV, this war would keep BW's activity up for quite some time and soon after not only attacking KoV, but practically attacking and beating every other clan that mattered on Sherwood BW was declared the #1 clan. Yes BW had reached its peak, but how long would it last?

The answer was: No it wouldn't. CAESAR suddenly started going inactive, followed by this many members quit BW and instead joined CTK which was being remade by BABYFANG. Some Council members had to quit the game due to real life problems and the clan was back to average size. AB which had been sharing its base with BW for months already left to take over Room 72 (CTK base) to show their superiority. SoF was remade, DV died and its remaining members joined BW but it looked as if BW was slowly descending into something terrible. This is when MANIAU sat down to think, he knew that BW had been dependent on him and CAESAR and he also knew that he would soon have to go on vacation and be unable to go on Sherwood. So what was the solution to keep BW alive? This is when he made a historic proposal to the BW Council: CAESAR would be removed from Chief, MANIAU would be removed from Chancellor, "Councilor" would become a rank again, all Council members would be promoted/demoted to the rank of Councilor and lead the clan equally and make decisions based on a majority vote until they could find someone worthy of taking Chief (or Chancellor) again. The proposal was accepted and a new Council was decided upon, the 5 people that would lead BW would be: NONAMEKING, KIGO, SAMBA, SOUL and OWNERTOMAS.

In this period the five members were slowly attempting to pick BW up from the ground. But it didn't really last long, the Council members weren't so sure of the new system and decided that it was time for a Chief and so on 25th of July KIGO was given the title with NONAMEKING as his Chancellor.

BW's activity would increase in the following few weeks, but so would tensions within the clan as NONAMEKING and KIGO got into an argument. It all escalated when MANIAU came back and KIGO gave him Chancellor again. NONAMEKING became angry because he was not consulted and said that he would quit BW and not come back until KIGO was no longer Chief. In a few days on 10th of August 2014 CTK took over room 212 which was KoG's (Kingdom of Glory) base. BW decided that they couldn't be on the sidelines anymore and went to room 212 to help KoG. BW and KoG fought CTK multiple times winning every raid. In the end CTK decided to go back to their own base - room 72. But the war wasn't over. The following day BW and KOG attacked 72 kicking CTK out of its own base and chasing it around all of Sherwood. With pressure from BW, KOG and RC (the #1 clan at the time) CTK declared dead on 12th of August. In the coming days BW and KoG formed an alliance called IO (Imperial Order), later on EOK (Earth of Kings) would join IO and the three clans would kill RC. BW had prevailed and two of its enemies were dead, but due to leadership problems KoG died as well.

This would be the start for BW's second time as #1 in 2014. WILL and ARCTIC came back to BW. FUDD and LAGGIN started to occasionally visit. The BG (Body Guards) were finally given a purpose as BW's elite tactical raiding force and in the midst of BW's glory CTK came back on 26th of August. As a result BW's second campaign against CTK would begin...It was a slaughter. BW raided CTK daily and kept winning raids with huge scores. The most notable of which was a 26-0 victory after which CTK attacked 5 BW with 20 CTK members and BW still won 6-0. All of this would affect CTK's moral and make them inactive. BW would become the only active clan along with REF (Real Elite Fighters) which was only relatively active in the US timezone. 

At this point BW was #1 again and had appointed SHOCK who revealed himself to be REPTILE as General (Reptile infamously namehid in clans to "influence" them) and WILL as Brigadier, this was done to combat the leadership crisis that was evident in BW at the time as the clan was sorely dependent on the Chief and the Chancellor. CHEMISTRY (AKA DORAIMOD) and REGICIDE were also added to the Council. The clan's activity stayed up for a couple of weeks and then slowly went down as CTK's activity picked up and then KoG was remade. CTK offered an alliance to BW, for BW the obvious choice was to reject the alliance, but the Council thought of a plan..

Operation My Lazy Sundays 2.0 was conducted on November 2nd against CTK. BW agreed to raid KoG with CTK's help, but warned KoG about this and changed colors in the raid. What followed would be several raids that would shatter CTK's morale. The first three raids ended in the following scores: 50-8 for BW and KoG, 51-8 for BW and 70-3 for BW. Though it must be noted that KoG was practically dead a week after being remade and only had an impact during the OMLS operation which proved to be successful. It must also be noted that the third raid which ended in a score of 70-3 happened on November 8th. On the same day BW had a historical moment: There was a Colonel, a Brigadier, a General, the Chancellor and the Chief online at the same time. Such an event had not occurred for at least 5 years and it proves that BW's leadership crisis is finally over.

The period I will now describe is seen as a huge "golden age" for BW. The raids against CTK continued with them all being consistent wins. The raiding standards set by BW were sought after by all clans. In fact BW being so powerful at one point sparked a comeback of DV to Sherwood. They would be led by PATRICK and FLYER and their first raid would be a collaboration with CTK to fight BW which would end badly as BW managed to turn the raid around and garner an 8-3 victory which caused problems for the newly made coalition.

Soon KoV was brought back as well and they notably had a "training session" with KoV, many more raid victories from BW would follow this. Including raids won against foreign clans such as AK and of course victories at home against CTK and DV which eventually led to CTK declaring dead on December 7th 2014. And now as I am describing this golden age I cannot help myself to not use one of the very first sentences from BW history: "But trouble was brewing on the horizon."

In a period when the leadership of BW was offline, the clan was attacked by a "clan" named eQ (eQuilibrium). The only reason that this is so important is because eQ utterly beat BW in the first encounter of the two beating BW with a score of 20-0. This caused shock and ridicule towards BW across Sherwood. Now I want the reader to understand something: eQ were a clan with no base and no website. They were all namehiders and they plotted their actions via Skype but keeping a secret with so many people involved is never easy and it wouldn't take long for an eQ member to snitch to BW and give away an incomplete list of supposed eQ members: DEMENTED, XYTEMENT, PSALMS, DEMON, BABYFANG, RAIDER, PARABLE, FIVE STAR MACHINE, HOLLOW and the one that organised it all: REPTILE. This is the part that I have trouble explaining. Upon receiving this "report" the BW Council was in shock as REPTILE was the 3rd in command of BW. So it was decided to not make this info public until enough evidence was given. The day after the 20-0 loss BW spent hours upon hours searching for eQ to try and rake revenge, upon finally meeting it was a raid full of disputes as BW only had 1 death but eQ claimed 5 kills and BW had no kills but claimed scores due to eQ members running. But the day after was when it all reached its climax as eQ attacked BW and failed miserably losing with a score of 3-0 and this was when PSALMS gave chat logs to the BW Council showing that REPTILE was indeed behind eQ and it was after this that REPTILE admitted to his "crimes" and had to do 19.5 laps around the Sherwood Castle.

At this point CTK was remade yet again but this time by IRONMAIDEN. BW only had one raid with them after which a "neutrality pact" was created between the two clans since CTK wanted to grow in peace and didn't want to attempt to be the best clan on the game. In the following weeks BW's main wins would be from constant attacks against KoV with every single one of them being a win. KoV's morale was simply shattered to the point that they disappeared from the game yet again. A few raids were also held against RC, many were just 15 RC attacking 3 BW which BW couldn't possibly win though the raids with roughly even numbers were big wins for BW (they can still be viewed on the raid videos page). 

The dawn of 2015 would change many things. CTK grew really quickly out of proportion, this was caused by the elite fighting community making a "comeback" and practically all of them joining CTK This period was one of passive aggression as both sides knew a war was coming but neither was willing to start it. During this period a Polish clan named FTF (First to Fight) became a decent opponent for BW though a vast majority of the raids held between the two were BW's wins.

In the midst of the FTF raids CTK was starting to fall apart with the "elites" having constant arguments with the loyalist CTKs. At the time the BW Council started to make plans. REPTILE had already gone inactive. MANIAU would need to quit in a few months, WILL would be busy with university while KIGO needed to take care of school. The Council decided that BW needed to be closed very soon to avoid becoming inactive and just dying out. 

The closure was first halted with the "elites" remaking BC (Bellicose Cavalcade). BW had several raids with BC. Both sides continued to relentlessly claim wins. BC would often attack BW on low numbers and accuse BW of doing the same. Wins were exchanged by both sides but sometimes raids couldn't even be properly resolved due to hackers booting rooms. It was in the midst of this war that the BW Council decided that enough was enough. BW decided to give BC a "taste of its own medicine" by raiding 3 BC members and winning 22-1 (which is actually a much larger win than BC was ever able to get under a similar numerical situation) and on 22nd February 2015 BW was closed, a year and 5 days after remaking and 4 years and 4 months after the original's death. 

~ BW EXCELSIOR, Veni Vidi Vici will always be ours to keep, BW 2004-Eternity. ~ One whom knows what glory there was, shall light the future.

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