"CROWS that is CROWS, goes his own way without fear of the enemy"

CROWS is a brazilian and portuguese clan. Was founded in 2009 in the Sapphire Server. Located in Teleport1 room29, the clan remains as the best Sapphire server, along with Imortals (IMM).This alliance with IMM was held in early 2011.

Clan raids remains on all three servers, accumulating many enemies. The Crows raids made their enemies mad because Crows like to massacred their opponents.

Tactic of Ramp:Edit

CROWS is known as the best clan using the ramp on raids. That tactic is original by Crows and the clan used it to counting with numerous victories against various clans of all the game servers. Example of the Tactic Ramp in a raid:

Raiding DVEdit

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