The Dark Angels is a team whitin sherwood.
Dark Angels

Dark Angels logo Made by Wilwilwil

The team is made to help te people en clans of Sherwood.

anyone whit a good heart en wants to help can join the team.

If you whant to join go to chatroom 76 Emarald Server thats ower base an ask someone of the team if you can join.

(We are sharing the base whit EWR so respect them)

FDR's Of DA are TheDeadMy AKA ×HeartFire× en wilwilwil AKA ((Lord Wil))

(if you don't respect the FDR's other people of the team or people of EWR you whill not come in!!! )

Do you whant to know what the team is doing all in SWD?

here is the teams site

(If clan's or people whant ower help pls post in Da guestbook)

Dark Angels never give up

Dark Angels never Give Up Made by TheDeadMy

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