Dark Warriors (DW) was formed by Ronin, a former member of CTK. Among the first members recruited, Anna was picked for the position of 2nd Founder.

Dark Warriors logo

DW had many leaders that were, in ways, "killed off" to be replaced by other leaders. Some of these people included Trem, Crimsin, Rose, Junkyard, Derqai, Backstabber, Apocalypticous, Shanghai, and it's final leader, Juliana (Who was left alone to fend for DW). 

There are few members from 2006-2008 left in DW and most of it's members are New Generation. Nontheless, a few "oldies" remain, and these include: Master (-06), TheUnbrokenSpirit (-06) Sophie (Junkyard -06) Decryx(jhjjhg), Ømega (-06) & Ronin (Original founder -06). DW got Remade in 2014 by Cole who faked to be Ronin.

Stunt-boy was renamed as Elder and later promoted to LDR. Breezy soon became CO-LDR.

DW laid to rest officially 2017.

Trivia: Reptile name-hid in DW in 2010 under the name 'Smøke' and later gained a leadership rank! He did this with a lot of clans just so he could get inside information from every clan and write negative reports about them on his news site lol. Biggest spy award on the game goes to Reptile.

Basic InformationEdit

Dark Warriors are mostly active during American timezones, although it's a clan with members all around the globe. 

  • Base: 61 (Emerald) Clanroom DW(DarkWarriors)DW
  • Site:
  • Founded: Spring 2006
  • Current leaders: Cattnip (NBL-LDR), Ronin (FDR).AbdulKareem(NBL-LDR),Aly(NBL-LDR),
  • Current enemies: BA, WoD, CoD, DV, DH, IOT, ES, WAM
  • Current allies: TQA, BW, RL, AoP, TNR, DW (Spanish)