eQ was founded in 2007 by Reptile and was just a small time clan that focused on recruiting new members and training them so everyone in the clan was equal. They did several raids and like every other clan soon died out and were forgotten. So why bother mentioning them?

eQ returned in 2014 and totally annihilated, the then #1 clan, BW with a score of 21 - 0. This was absolutely devastating to BW as they were unbeatable! It was near impossible to even get 1 kill against BW, that's how devastating the defeat was. They were perfectly organized, only harboring the best raiders of the game and consisted of many top fighters which made it near impossible to beat them in pvp locks. eQ destroyed every clan. However they were very short lived since Reptile only brought back eQ to keep "BW motivated".

Who were they?

No one knew who eQ were at first, they were all namehiders who had no base and were hiding on Skype, planning raids. This gave birth to the very first "Skype Clan" which is now shun upon and looked at as cheating. eQ's identities were discovered when someone betrayed them and sent a list of their names to BW, this is how Reptile was discovered, BW's very own General, plotting against them, or so it seemed.

eQ's influence

BW ended at the start of 2015 just before Reptile quit Sherwood. The ex-BW members saw an opportunity to join eQ since it was a lot easier running a skype clan than an actual one. However Reptile wasn't there to lead so the ex-BW's, Maniau and Will, took lead and renamed the clan as NR (New Rebels) thus giving birth to one of the greatest raiding clans that ever existed. At first NR was literally eQ but renamed, but the combined forces of eQ and BW made NR even more powerful than eQ was. NR took over where eQ left off, however Reptile returned and decided to "ban" skype clans ironically, using CNN to do so. This forced NR to create a base and become its own identity.

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