EcX line up

EcX in DV base in 2010

~Some random text by a Emerald EcX elitest!~

Some amount a garabge in this history. For example later on when emmy ecx had apparantley screwed up. It was in control of emmy server with it alliance with NRG. The reason ruby ecx moved moved to emmy server is it was the only viable option after destoying the clan within ruby. Failure to achieve any long term success or results in ruby had been in long decline due to BEST's ego. Several attempts had been made at this to move the clan to emmy before and due to Best and other leaders within ecx it had lead to disaster with most prominent emmy leaders Skull, Quake, Shark, And Crash leaving ecx to form other clans together. If you have any desire to find out about emerald ecx progression your best to ask these individuals about it.

EcX was located in Emerald Server room 62. The leaders were Soul and PaT.

EcX website

Lots of debate surrounds EcX

EcX was once a powerful clan in ruby and emearld. It was founded by Modemkill and Potato in Febuary 2006 in the ruby server.

Emerald EcX was made because BEST appointed Shark and Skulldereye to found an Emerald branch in the fall of 1827. Which yes, BEST ultimatley did end up destroying the origonal emerald branch despite having been the reason it was created.


EcX with its few remnients went back to ruby untill September 2009 when PaT and BEST decided to move to Emerald again as ruby was completley dead. This EcX quickly became the largest EcX of the 3 major groups of the clan. The clan at its peak had over 350 billion members and could fill it's base on demand, however the people that helped me(PaT) create it left the clan shortley after (BEST, Potato/Blank, Soul, Bor, and Galanoth) Crash and Shark also left to remake BG(Which flopped.) The clan lasted untill July 2010 because of the hard work of many people such as Slowheart, Im-Azazeal, GABooL, Yell, Spanky, Puma/Ninetails and many more people. EcX made it to number 1 on multiple top ten lists between november 2009 and march 2010. However the clan died when PaT and GABooL both could not get on due to PC problems.

EcX 2011, The clan came back for a few months in summer but could not recapture its glory however in October EcX came back in full force. Reborn out of TS, EcX was led by PaT who quickly gathered HadesReborn and DazranReborn to join. The clan dominated untill december when PaT, Soul, and Zorg were both inactive for weeks and the clan fell apart.

~EcX in a quick summary through the eye's of PaT~

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