Punisher, a former member of UA, quit to start his own clan named Ghosts of War (GW). After receiving much criticism, GW eventually found its way to becoming a prominent clan in the Sapphire server in 2007/08. Click this link to visit the Official GW history page.

In the present day, Mephisto, who was a member of the original GW is fighting to rebuild the clan.

2013 Website change and BilingualismEdit

Since early in March 2013, GW has been going under changes including moving their website to Weebly. The new Weebly site would have it's Template work reformatted to a new 1000px width design which would be compatible with the more modern widescreen computer monitors. The site change was triggered by the new Sitebuilder on Freewebs which both restricted CSS coding and other restrictions on Freewebs such as page/bandwidth limits.

The new site model was ceated differently from the old one, the extra width on the design would make it possible to divide the pages down the middle. During the construction of the weebly site, text in English would be placed on the left hand side of the page, leaving the right hand side for other purposes. This reason would be revealed when Spanish text was written on the right hand side of the page.

The plan behind the Bilingual site is to help make it compatible for a new Spanish division and other Spanish visitors in the later future. Another modification to make the site compatible includes a clock showing both the North American EST Time zone and the European CET Time zone.

Basic Information about GWEdit

  • Our Site:
  • Our Base: Emerald 43
  • Founder: Punisher
  • Leader: Mephisto
  • Original GW Base: Sapphire 43
  • Founded: 2007
  • Primary War Colour: Blue
  • Secondary War Colour: Aqua

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