Military Special Rangers (M.S.R. for short) is a military combat clan in Sherwood Dungeon. It was created in March 3 2011. This base is located in Ruby and Emerald Server Room 98.

M.S.R. Beta Logo

A Beta logo for M.S.R.


Trainee: 0 EXP

Recruit: 25 EXP

Private: 50 EXP

PFC (Private First Class): 120 EXP

Specialist: 275 EXP

Corporal: 420 EXP

Sergeant: 750 EXP

Ssgt (Staff Sergeant): 1450 EXP

SFC (Sergeant First Class): 2000 EXP

Msgt (Master Sergeant): 3500 EXP

Sgm (Sergeant Major): 5200 EXP

2nd Lieutenant: 6700 EXP

1st Lieutenant: 9705 EXP

Captain: 16,255 EXP

Major: 32,000 EXP

Lieutenant Colonel: 59,105 EXP

Colonel: 70,000 EXP

BG (Brigadier General): 125,990 EXP

MG (Major General): 300,000 EXP

LG (Lieutenant General): 500,000 EXP

General: 1,000,000 EXP

Commander: OWNER ONLY


Prdola: Commander

Fowlerer: Private, 40/120 EXP

Training StagesEdit

The recruits must complete 5 training stages/courses to be in combat.

1) Run to the spawn point

2) Eliminate 5 local enemies outside the base (NPC enemies)

3) Catch a running person/criminal

4) Have a Rate-Fight

5) Fight without running (Which is last)

How to get EXPEdit

This is a tutorial. There ways how to get EXP:

Completing missions.

Killing hostile(s).

Completing training and it's stages.



A Recruiter will recruit players in random rooms. (Players must have english language.) For joing the clan, ask me at the Ruby or Emerald Server room 98 or just meet me.

Losing EXPEdit

Players will lose EXP when they are annoying, team-killing or getting highter ranks when they have lower ranks.

Possible ways how to lose EXP:

Team-killing: under 200 EXP. (If the player kills the commander then he will lose 200-1000 EXP)

Attacking without reason: under 60 EXP. (non-members of the clan will not earn anything)

Spamming while on missions or on the drill: Random.


Other Clan Players will able to become allies with the M.S.R.

Allies: NONE


If the other Clan Players are forced to destroy the clan base they will be listed as enemies. (NOTE: Other Clan Players if they will attack the Commander they will become Half-Enemies)

Enemies: NONE

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