Introduction.Ban ng2Edit

NG Stands for Next Generation, Clan founded by KNG-SOULKEEPA-NG and KNG-DARKSOUL-NG.

Darksoul stopped Sherwood, But Soulkeepa still plays.

The clan was founded in 30 April 2008, And only got inactive during Summer 2008, when Soulkeepa and Darksoul both had to stop Sherwood for 1 month, And told -Rose-&ßolt to lead NG that failed in leading NG, So when Soulkeepa&Darksoul both got back, They worked hard to make NG like it was before.

Now NG is one of the strongest clans in Emerald, And we are a strong and united clan, That's online almost 24/7.

The clan color is Yellow(White is secondary color)

Leaders/Founders : Soulkeepa, Darksoul

Leaders : Þrime)Sãturñ(ÑG (-ÐarkHeart-), ×mmkilla×

Located at Emerald Room 69 at Sherwood Castle

Site is

Join our clan and make it even Stronger then ever. Edit

The advantages of being in NG are:

1. NG's an active clan, so that means you can always see an NG member online.

2. NG's a strong clan, so that means you can improve in PvP by either training or fighting strong NG fighters.

3. NG's a war clan, so that means you can always have a raid in NG atleast once a week, depending on NG's and other clans' online activities.

4. To be able to join Þrime, NG's Elite Group, Prime is known accross all of Emerald fighters that it contains the Best NG fighters in the clan, So they are gonna be hard to beat. For more informations check NG site @ IS FAKED BY TROLLGOD

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