wat are wielders?

wielders are players who can hire themselves in for clans Edit

this are rules of an real wielder cant JOIN an clan or be promoted

Medieval ii total war wallpaper 3-t2

2. you must have in clan name "wielder must have permission to help the raiding and/or defending clan shouldn't kill other clan members they can kick you for a while (ban)

5.only permissioned rank can promote other players to wielder can join any clan whitout permission (only write clan name ) CLAN-RANK-wielder an A-RANK wielder you can promote normal players (whitout clan) to wielder A-RANK wielder can promote only 3 times an player cant be an wielder by yourself an A-RANKED wielder MUST HAVE promoted you to say:

"name" you are promoted to wielder 

10.if you fake any of these rules you can get banned or reported  for sherwood because it has it owner rights

and official terms of game law 

11.  you can get in an clan by ANY member but to break contract whit clan you must 

go to the leader (highest rank )


A-RANKS *only these rank can promote players*

HIGH= HH-wielder to get this rank: killed 10.000 non clan players

GREAT= GRT-wielder to get this rank: killed 7.500 non clan players

LEGENDARY= LEG-wielder to get this rank: killed 5000 non clan players


STORM = STR-wielder: killed 2.500 clan/non clan players

LEADING = LDG-wielder: killed 1.500 clan/non clan players 


ELITE = EIE-wielder: killed 1.000 clan/non clan players mob's 

SPECIAL = SPC-wielder: killed 500 clan/non clan players mob's


wielder: promoted by A-RANKED wielder

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