Diamonds are the secondary type of currency in Sherwood Dungeon. The other is Gold. Diamonds are used to purchase runes, scrolls and equipment upgrades.

All monsters on the islands drop diamonds, except the ones found in Isle of Ancients. Dungeon monsters only drop diamonds in levels higher than the player's own. The number of diamonds needed to buy a scroll can range from 10-110. All runestones can be purchased for 5 diamonds each. Diamonds are only obtainable by hunting monsters on the islands, and not by selling anything. Rune merchants, scroll merchants, and Blacksmiths all exchange their goods and services for diamonds. Blacksmiths will only upgrade your equipment up to your current XP level. Depending on what weapon you want to upgrade, an upgrade will cost from 5-10 diamonds.


In Previous VersionsEdit

Before the bows and arrows update, which was made in July 2010, Runestones would only cost 3 diamonds instead of the current 5. Now people should use their diamonds wisely.

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