Winter tree sherwood castle

Winter tree that replaces the Dragon Statue in December.

The Dragon Statue is a structure located inside Sherwood Castle in the game Sherwood Dungeon. It is one of the earliest structures added to Sherwood and has undergone multiple incarnations. Located in the center of Sherwood Castle, it is popularized by players as a meeting place for general purposes.

Initially, the dragon statue was textureless and a metallic silver color. Later it took on the appearance of a Snow Dragon, boasting more detailed, tan, skin. The statue was further modified to resemble Bane. It changed again and now looks like the Fire Drake Trouble found outside Maidenwood Castle.

Seasonal changes Edit

Christmas version Edit

In the month of December, the Dragon Statue is temporarily replaced with a giant evergreen tree, decorated with shimmering gems and topped with a star to signify the winter holiday season. Both the tree star and the gems glow in the same manner as elemental weapons.

Halloween version Edit

In the end of October, the statue is replaced by a huge pumpkin to celebrate Halloween and similar fall celebrations.

Shadowfey invasionEdit

For a short time in early 2015, the statue was replaced by a Shadowfey obelisk with runic inscriptions.

Notes Edit

The Statue was the big Griffin from Teleport 13 (Griffin's Landing) for a certain amount of time.

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