The friends list allows you to keep track of people you have added to that list. It is is a convenient way of keeping track of certain players you meet frequently. Adding a person to your friends list will tell you when your friends are online/offline and allows you to private chat with them.

It is possible to add friends from a connected Facebook account to your Sherwood friends list and vice versa.

To private chat with a friend use the /f command (example: /f hello). This slash command allows you to chat with them even if they are in a different chatroom than the one you are currently in. Text that is created by using the /f command will appear in blue instead of the normal white.

  • Note that messages sent via the /f command are sent to everyone on your friend list. Sherwood Dungeon does not have a mechanism for chatting privately with individual players.

Adding and removing Edit

To add a friend, click Character, go to the player list, click on the username of the person you would like to friend, the click on 'add as a friend'. A friend request will be sent to the player.

To remove a friend, click Character, go to your friends list, click on the player you want to remove, and click 'remove'. Once a player is off of your friends list, they will lose the ability to private chat with you. When you receive a friend request, a window will pop up asking if you would like to accept or reject the request. Rejecting the request will not add the player to your friends list.