Lost Lagoon2

The landscape of Lost Lagoon.

Lost Lagoon is an island in Sherwood Dungeon. The isle itself is a mystical forest, featuring a magical looking woodland area with purple landscape, plants, and huts in the island's center. A large river separates the huts from the spawn ring. The huts make up a large part of the area and are the home of the quest giver and the merchant.

The Prophecy of Bane quest giver, Mattias Vermund, is located right next to the spawn point.



Lost Lagoon

The old Lost Lagoon.

Before the addition of the Prophecy of Bane quests, in terms of landscape, the Lost Lagoon looked very different. The island was overall a brighter shade of purple and the trees were colored similarly. There was no fog and the Lich and Mattias Vermund were not present.

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