Ring of 100% Healing

The original icon

The Ring of 100% Healing was undoubtedly one of the most advantageous rings in Sherwood Dungeon. The Ring of 100% Healing increased the healing rate of a player by 100%, therefore players equipped with this ring would regain health twice as fast. The icon appeared as a silver ring embedded with three stones, two white, one blue. Lesser versions of this ring existed, namely the rings of 66% and 33% healing.

When the version 2.1 update came in July 2010, these rings of healing were all replaced by the Ring of Unnatural Health. The Ring of Unnatural health retained the same icon and rarity of the Ring of 100% Healing.


  • Gene Endrody (Creator of Sherwood Dungeon) had technically kept the Ring of 100% Healing. Along with the 2.1 update, he changed the default healing rate so that it would be equal to that of a player holding the Ring of 100% Healing. Still, many players are not aware of this. He also quoted on his Facebook page, "The Healing ring is removed finally. All characters now heal as if they have the 100% healing ring so you're not loosing anything. The ring will be replaced by an extra powerful heath ring (Ring of Unnatural Health)."

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