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Runes are items that are used to summon a scroll. Runes can be found in the dungeons or chests dropped by monsters. You may also purchase runes for 5 diamonds each from a Scroll Merchant. It can take a very long time to search in the dungeons for a particular rune, so buying them is always helpful. All runes are stored in your rune sack along with gifts, quest items, and scrolls. There are many different types of runes, each having a different letter on them. 3 to 6 runes are needed to summon a scroll.

Rune LocationsEdit

See here: Weapon Maniac, Category:Runes


  • The rune location is fixed, that means with proper mapping, you can collect runes efficiently.
  • The same scroll no matter what level it is, the runes needed are always the same.
  • Darkiron Morning Star

    An Example of a Scroll

    The scroll level that you purchase in store always fits with your current level; The scroll level that you found in dungeon depends. For example, if you are LV20 now, the scroll that you found in Dungeon Level 11 is still LV11 scroll. If you are LV20 and go to Dungeon Level 25 then found a scroll, it becomes LV20 scroll, and after you reach to LV25 then visit the same location, it becomes LV25 scroll.

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