Scroll mercheant


A scroll merchant is a special type of merchant that sells scrolls for diamonds and can always be seen standing beside the runestone merchant. These scrolls can summon scroll exclusive weapons such as the Axe Sword. There are three scroll merchants located in Sherwood Dungeon: one can be found in Midnight Glade in a tavern near the unicorn statue, and another can be found in a tavern in The Fortress of Fury and the other can be found in a tavern in Maidenwood Castle. All scroll merchants sell different merchandise so it is a good idea to visit both if one does not have the scroll you desire.

Depending on your level range the scroll merchant will have different scrolls for sale every time you level up. If you are in the levels 25+ the scroll merchant will start selling elemental scroll swords. If you are level 75+ the scroll merchant will start selling elemental scroll axes. There are many different color scrolls. Plain brown scrolls hold normal scroll weapons like darkiron maces and archmages Falchions. Purple scrolls hold normal level 20+ scroll swords like crescent swords and vibroblades. Red scrolls hold elemental level 20+ scroll swords like amethyst forkblades and emerald axe swords. Green scrolls hold powerful level 75+ scroll weapons like stormcaller scepters and ice fourbladed axes.

Individual Levels Edit

There are a different array of scrolls up for sale for every experience level and every individual scroll merchant. Lists of each level have been compiled, one of the most complete is found at Roadkill's Repository (player website).

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