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Scrolls of Summoning are rare items in Sherwood Dungeon that hold the game's most powerful weapons. Many weapons are exclusive to these scrolls, specificially mindfire and bloodrune weapons as well as weapons that only appear once the player reaches a certain level. Weapons bound within scrolls can only be unlocked with the specifically indicated combination of runestones, which can be commonly found in dungeons or be purchased from merchants. Scrolls can efficiently be purchased from scroll merchants at a price, but can also rarely be found as mob drops or in dungeon chests. Obtained scrolls are stored in the player's rune bag, while summoned weapons are automatically sent to the inventory.

Darkiron Morning Star

Variations Edit

Brown scrollsEdit

Tan scroll

Brown scrolls are among the first and most basic scrolls encountered by players. Weapons within these scrolls include early-game weapons in their mindfire or bloodrune forms, two elements exclusive to scrolls. Examples of such weapons include the Darkiron Morning Star and Shifting Pick. Although they come in a wide variety of titles, blue/red colored weapons will have the words Mindfire, Stormcaller, Enchanters, Chaosforged, Vorpal, Shifting, or Etheral in their names, while black colored weapons will have the words Bloodrune, Archmage, Blackknights, Shadow, Darkiron, Wraith, Corrupted, Dragondoom, or Phantomfury in their names.

Purple scrollsEdit

Purple scroll
Purple scrolls appear once the player has reached the level of 20. They exclusively hold non-elemental scroll swords, namely the Axe Sword, Broad Sword, Crescent Sword, Uberblade, Vibroblade, or Forkblade.

Red scrollsEdit

Red scroll
Red scrolls appear once the player has reached the level of 20. They hold the same weapons as purple scrolls, however in various elemental forms. These are among the most advantageous thrusting and slashing classified weapons in the game.

Green scrollsEdit

Green scroll
Green Scrolls hold either the Twin Blade, Four Bladed Axe, Curved Axe, Skull Axe, Trident, or Scepter. The scrolls may contain these weapons with or without an elemental form. In their elemental forms, the Scepter outclasses all blunt force weapons while the remaining five cleaving weapons, likewise, surpass all other axes in damage rating.

Elite scrollsEdit

Elite scrolls introduce the last array of scroll exclusive weapons. They can only be obtained from the Elite Scroll Merchant in Griffin's Landing, after reaching level 100.

Dragon Claw Scepter scrollEdit

The Dragon Claw Scepter Scroll, which appears as a blue summoning scroll, holds the Dragon Claw Scepter, a unique weapon that must be obtained through the Prophecy of Bane questline. Sir Garn gives out this scroll after the player completes his quest of defeating Agony. Unlike traditional scrolls, the Dragon Claw Scepter can only be summoned with the use of specific quest stones instead of runestones.

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