The menu screen for Sherwood

Sherwood Classic was an MMORPG and the predecessor to Sherwood Dungeon, created by Gene Endrody, the founder of Maid Marian Entertainment. This was the very first version of Sherwood, and was released in about the year 2004, originally known as Temple Sherwood. The game runs on Shockwave player. Currently, it does not connect to any servers.

Sherwood Classic was widely popular until the release of its successor, Sherwood Dungeon in December 2005. The game is still playable, however it no longer updates as of version 1.91f. As of now, the chat function is bugged and unusable as the game will spam the introductory message.

It can be played at

Game ElementsEdit

Sherwood Classic consisted of only one island with a fortress, which appears to be an early version of Sherwood Castle. There was only one avatar available to be played as and four character colors: black, red, blue, and green.

The player started a dagger and a standard shield. Other items could be collected through chests hidden throughout the island. Chests either contained a Buckler, Mace, Battleaxe, or Longsword.
Classic gameplay

A screenshot of Sherwood Classic


Only two types of mobs existed in Sherwood Classic, which rarely spawned.