Alpha startup

Alpha's new startup screen

Sherwood Dungeon Alpha was a development version of Sherwood. It was developed at the same time Sherwood Dungeon 2.2 was being developed.

Its purpose was to allow players to test Sherwood on the new Adobe Flash Player with improved visuals. Similarly to Sherwood Test, Alpha initially ran on Diamond server. Since testing is completed, it has been released as an official update to Sherwood Dungeon.


Version Additions
Untitled update
  • Enabled player vs player combat
  • Readdition of slash commands and the players list
  • Removal of the Battle Arena
  • Members now have access to their equipment and pets
  • Improvements to lighting, shadows, and foliage
  • New mobs and player vs enemy combat
  • Visual changes to the Talisman of Fire flame effect
  • Friend lists
  • Bows and Arrows
  • MOB data is standardized across the server and carried between the Shockwave and Flash versions (allowing players to team up on MOBs)


  • Scroll merchants could only sell purple scrolls (non-elemental scroll swords).
  • For a while, speaking to Olaf Vermund brought up the help menu, likely because Olaf Vermund's quests were still under development.


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