Sherwood Dungeon v2.1 was small scale update to Sherwood Dungeon. It is an improvement of version 2.0 and features bows and arrows as a new system of fighting. All players who had more than 1000 health potions were modified so that they only had 100 health potions. Lately, there have also been some major updates to pets, allowing you to get your money's worth . Another dramatic change to the game is the use of a pirate ship, however not much has been added to this yet. This version of Sherwood Dungeon ended on 21st February 2011, as 2.1s, when v2.2 was released.


  • Long Bow added as a long range weapon

    2.1 character equipment window

  • Flaming, Ice, Poison, and Night arrows added.
  • New character equipment system created.
  • Ring of 100% Healing replaced by Ring of Unnatural Health.
  • Health regeneration rate increased.
  • Health potions available for purchase.
  • Enemy speed increased.
  • Enemies shoot arrows/venom.
  • Dungeon levels reworked.
  • Runestone price increased to five diamonds.
  • Fighting with fists gives you a disadvantage in pvp
    Wolf mount

    Wolves and Lions can be mounted

  • Option to change pet colors added.
  • Black spider pet added.
  • New white armor added.
  • NPC armor color changed from purple to white.
  • Pets can now be bought outside of the USA.
  • Rocks return as safe zones.
  • Pirate ship and dock added in Sherwood Castle.
  • Pirate ship removed as a restriction zone for pets.
  • Shockwave problems repaired.
  • Mounts can attack monsters
    Dragon statue 3

    The new dragon statue

  • Dragon statue changes black in color.
  • Lions and Wolves can be used as mounts.
  • Players can transform into pets.
  • Level ranking name system added.
  • /server command added.
  • Shadowfey Knight and Shadowfey Priestess minions added.
  • /camera command improved.
  • Dragons could be mounted.
  • Extended hairstyle and skin color options added to avatars.

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