Teleport 10

The Fortress of Fury was added

Sherwood Dungeon v2.2 was a large scale update to Sherwood Dungeon and was a follow-up to version 2.1. This version was released with a new teleport titled The Fortress of Fury and a variety of new weapons and quests. Currently, Sherwood is on version 2.6[1].


  • Bow and Arrows added to Alpha.
  • Battle Zone games have been extended to 10 minutes.
  • Normal Healing in Battle Zone.
  • Last island is stored.
  • Paladin Minion was added.
  • Teleport 10 - The Fortress of Fury added.
  • Additional quest line added.
  • Dungeon levels reworked.
  • Additional hair styles added.
  • Pets: Huntress and Lycan added.
  • Enemies: Rogue Huntress, Werewolf, Black Unicorn, and Lycan added.
  • Weapons: Lycan's Bane Silver Axe and Mindfire Sword of Chaos released.
  • Half Moon Shield added.
  • Friends list expanded.
  • Redesigned level up window.
  • Additional blacksmith, rune merchant, and scroll merchant added.
  • Slash command to block pop ups added.
  • Players who are online will be highlighted on your friends list.
  • Darkblood Bandits reworked.
  • Hair color and styles added to the male human class.
  • Health bars are now color coded.
  • Multiple pets can be used at once.
  • A hotkeys function was added.
  • Warhorse pet was added.
  • The ignore function was strengthened.



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