Want to help the wiki but don't know where to start? Below is a regularly updated list of tasks of things you can do to help the Sherwood Dungeon Wiki grow.

  • Properly categorise pages, such as putting all enemy mobs to Category:Enemies.
  • Make sure each article has at least one image, if possible. Lossless formats, like .png, are preferred.
  • Use the proper Infoboxes for articles, like Template:NPCBox for NPCs. Fix any errors in the syntax of these templates.
  • Check for grammar and formatting mistakes in pages. It is recommended that the article's title is in bold on the introduction line.
  • Put all article titles about mobs in singular form, for example, Darkblood Knight and not Darkblood Knights.
  • Add weapon articles when needed and properly categorise them in one of the three subcategories of Weapons. Making individual pages for each elemental version is not recommended because they contain too little information. Instead, add the information on the clean weapon's article using {{WeaponVariations}}. Redirect any elemental version to the main weapon article.
  • Remove or redirect duplicate articles and categories.
  • Fix double redirects.

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