This page teaches you how to collect Runes efficiently:

  1. First refer to the rune list and find its location by clicking on each rune.
  2. Use /level# to teleport to that dungeon level and get that rune directly.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 and get all runes, then find a safe place to cast your weapon.

Rune List:Edit

Click below for each Rune.

Tutorial:Weapon maniac/Rune01Tutorial:Weapon maniac/Rune02Tutorial:Weapon maniac/Rune03Tutorial:Weapon maniac/Rune04Tutorial:Weapon maniac/Rune05Tutorial:Weapon maniac/Rune06Tutorial:Weapon maniac/Rune07Tutorial:Weapon maniac/Rune08Tutorial:Weapon maniac/Rune09Tutorial:Weapon maniac/Rune10Tutorial:Weapon maniac/Rune11Tutorial:Weapon maniac/Rune12Tutorial:Weapon maniac/Rune13Tutorial:Weapon maniac/Rune14Tutorial:Weapon maniac/Rune15Tutorial:Weapon maniac/Rune16Tutorial:Weapon maniac/Rune17Tutorial:Weapon maniac/Rune18Tutorial:Weapon maniac/Rune19Tutorial:Weapon maniac/Rune20Tutorial:Weapon maniac/Rune21Tutorial:Weapon maniac/Rune22Tutorial:Weapon maniac/Rune23Tutorial:Weapon maniac/Rune24Tutorial:Weapon maniac/Rune25All Rune
About this image

Diamond ConsumptionEdit

To be a Weapon Maniac, collecting scrolls & runes from dungeons and summoning the weapon is a routine job.

You have to worry about the amount of Diamonds you use. Buying a Rune to summon a weapon costs 5 Diamonds and buying a scroll costs 20-40-60-80 diamonds.

To get those Diamonds, you have to defeat monsters, but this will level you up.

There are two ways to help you reduce Diamond consumption:

  • Going to a deeper dungeon to collect the Weapon Scroll: This saves a lot of Diamonds due to weapon grade.
  • Collecting Runes more efficiently: This saves a lot of Diamonds because you don't have to buy the Runes in the store.

This page was created in hope that all Weapon Maniacs will enjoy it and use it wisely.

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