The Unicorns heal the land as we work to corrupt it. They may act friendly, but that horn is there for a reason. - Darkblood Spy

Class: White Unicorn (sizes vary)
Locations: Midnight Glade
Items Dropped:

Chest, Unicorn Horn

Attack Power: high


The Unicorn is an enemy in Sherwood Dungeon that exist in Midnight Glade. They are white and are found in many different sizes. Unicorns are by far some of the most powerful enemies in the game. A player will only be able to withstand 1-4 hits from a single unicorn. Unicorns do not attack unless attacked, upon which  they will hit you until you die. Once you die and leave the spawn circle, they will charge and attempt to kill you again. Running will not help, as Unicorns will follow at a steady run until they can continue to strike against you.  A quest given to you by the Darkblood Spy requires you to complete the seemingly impossible feat of defeating ten Unicorns. Because these creatures are said to be magic, your talisman attack will not affect them. There is also another variant of the unicorn called the Black Unicorn, found in the Fortress of Fury. The smaller unicorns are called Unicorn Colt.


As pets, Unicorns are very helpful. By buying a unicorn you can either make them white in color, or black in color. Just like the Horse, Unicorns are speed benefitting pets and later were able to be used as combat pets.

Sherwood Dungeon Version 2.1k was released in November 2010 which allows unicorns and horses to be used as mounted pets or for aid in fights. This means that they can now run beside you as well as being able to ride them!

Enemies in Sherwood Dungeon
This is a list of all the enemies in Sherwood Dungeon, sorted by location. Blue means they are Darkbloods, purple means they are Shadowfey, black means they are Gods/Bosses.
Sherwood Castle Venom Critter · Forest Tarantula · Ruby Scrapper · Darkblood Raider
Haunted Palm Black Warrior · Iron Nightmare · Leader Shade · Orchid Creeper · Ruby Lurker · Darkblood Marauder · Shadow Minion
Frost Bite Snow Dragon · Ice Basilisk · Darkblood Champion · Emerald Shadow · Ruby Crawler · Leader Wraith · Shadow Warrior · Orchid Critter
Lost Lagoon Lich · Fire Wraith · Fire Widow · Forest Crawler · Sea Dragon · Sea Lizard · Shadow Mercenary
Isle of Ancients Jade Basilisk · Crystal Nightmare · Darkblood Elite · Lava Spider · Jade Dragon · Boss Haunt · Crystal Fighter
Isle of Heroes Lions · Darkblood Valkyrie · Soldiers (must be summoned) · Arena Dragon (must be summoned) · Agony (must be summoned)
Stone Circle Wyverns · Wolves · Pack Leader (must be summoned) · Soldiers (must be summoned) · Bane (must be summoned)
Midnight Glade Timber Wolf · Darkblood Bandit · Unicorn
Fortress of Fury Werewolf · Black Unicorn · Rogue Huntress · Lycan
Isle of Eclipse Minotaur · Sabertooth Tiger · Obelisk · Shadowfey Undead · Shadowfey Assassin · Shadowfey Priestess · Cinaed
Maidenwood Castle Darkblood Paladin · Darkblood Marine · Darkblood Banner · Darkblood Assassin · Frost Drake · Trouble
Griffin's Landing Darkblood Knightess · Darkblood Rogue · Young Griffin · Griffin

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